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PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rewards Allegedly Leaked

Since the major Season 14 of PUBG Mobile happened on 14th July, PUBG players cannot stop themselves over leaks and any information related to the next major update. The 15th season of the popular mobile game is still at least a month away. Still, people are trying to figure out what the next update offers in terms of gameplay and cosmetic changes. As a result, leaks and rumors about the 15th season of the game started coming out since the release of season 14.

Here is what we know about PUBG Mobile Season 15, as of now.

Release Date of Season 15

The 13th season of PUBG Mobile came out on 13th May and the 14th season on 14th July. This pattern indicates that season 15 will probably come out on 15th September. Additionally, the 14th season of PUBG will end on 13th September. So, you have more than a month to level up and claim the rewards for the ongoing season.

FALSOYT posted the details about the tier rewards on their YouTube Channel.

Tier Rewards Leaked for PUBG Mobile Season 15

Some leaks regarding the tier rewards are going around the web since the release of PUBG Mobile season 14. At present, PUBG developers haven’t confirmed the things coming to PUBG Mobile Season 15, and the season isn’t going to start until next month. The features and rewards mentioned might change when the next season comes out. So, take the information provided below with a pinch of salt.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Release Date

Gold Tier: 

A player will get an evil-themed outfit on reaching the gold tier in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile. The name of this cool new outfit is unknown at the moment.

Platinum Tier: 

The evil-themed outfit has a matching mask that will be available to players who reach the platinum tier in the upcoming season.

Diamond Tier: 

The SKS is a popular DMR in PUBG Mobile. Players who manage to get to the diamond tier of PUBG Mobile Season 15 will unlock a new skin for the rifle.

Ace Tier: 

The Ace tier reward for the upcoming season would be a parachute design. This parachute goes along with the outfit and mask in terms of livery.

Conqueror Tier: 

You will unlock a season 15 frame on reaching the conqueror tier in the next season of PUBG Mobile.

The players of Season 15 will receive the rewards in-game mail at the end of Season.

The leaks always need to be taken with a pinch of salt. As the day of release gets nearer their frequency will also increase. In the meantime, while still on season 14, the players can look forward to Golden Pharaoh X-Suit. Check out its teaser!

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