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PUBG Mobile: Season 10 Is Around The Corner, Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

PUBG Mobile: Season 10 is coming to you soon! It was only a month back that PUBG Mobile: Season 9 had been released and here we are speculating about the next one on the block. Season 9 is likely to complete its cycle by mid-November. With only a week away for PUBG Mobile: Season 10 announcement, people are left to educated guesses on cost, characters, outfits, skins, weapons and much more.

PUBG Mobile, going by its history, knows how to keep the interest in the game alive. Be it a new season or the current one, there is always suspense of tons of new novel outfits, weapons and skins coming out.

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As the big day draws closer you will get to hear tons of information through leaks and updates! Here are some of the in-game accessories that might get released in Season 10, leaked by data miners. Let us check them out.

When is PUBG Mobile: Season 10’s Release Date?

Ever since the PUBG mobile games found their way on 9th February 2018, every season has lasted roughly three months. Season 9 is almost halfway through which was launched with Warrior theme and payload mode in the middle of September. This means that PUBG Mobile: Season 10 should be rolled out most probably by November 7.

How much Season 10’s Royale Pass cost me?

A brand new season will bring a brand new Royal Pass with equally amazing rewards. Season 10 is likely to bring up new awards, Royal Pass, Elite Pass and Elite Upgrade Pass. 

The Elite PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is expected to be priced at 600 UC which adds up to roughly £9.99 ($12). If you are looking for Elite Upgrade Plus, it will cost around 1800 UC – £28 ($35) approximately.

Rumoured Features in Season 10

Expect to see some HUGE updates with new skins, vehicles weapons and even the possibility of an Erangel 2.0 map! Let us check them out!

New Emotes

In PUBG Season 10, there is a possibility of 2 new emotes – Masked Psychic and Envoy of Death. Each emotes will be exclusive for their own outfit. You may also get a great cool Kar98k finish.

Season 10 Skins & Frames

PUBG Mobile Season 10 should come out with the best collection of skins to date. It is likely to come with new parachute skin- Ace Parachute. It will have a yellow and dark theme, decorated by a pan with imprinted Season 10 logo.

Weapon skins include M24, Uzi, Vector, Groza, lab skin -M416 which can be upgraded in the lab and you can avail bonus effects. A brand new Kar-98 skin is also coming which is designed for Season 10 them. The finish looks really impressive.

Exciting skins for helmets, backpacks with unique finishes, outfits like Dragon hat and frog face will be part of Season 10. Backpacks skins may also introduce emoji-based, winter theme and military/desert-based skins. In Season 10, there will be few Avatar Frames for the profile which you can show off to co-players.

Skins for helmets have also been revamped – Dino Set, Winter Cap, and Frog Type. Another helmet skin, the favourite of all, MAD-MAX Inspired has also been given cool finish.

With Halloween a few days away, all Royal Pass owners will get Halloween Lobby. Fans can hope for tin-man and witch outfit keeping up with Halloween theme. Your favourite guns, AKM, Groza, M24, and UZI, have been given awe-inspiring finishes with blue streaks.

You can buy new t-shirts exclusive to Season 10-Solo, Duo, and Squad. UAZ, Mirado, Buggy, and Dacia also have been given new finishes. These t-shirts can be purchased during events and few come parcelled with Royal Pass Reward.

According to data miners, weapon inventory will be refurbished with the latest flame throwers, electric guns, and laser guns. In case you are on a lookout for vehicles, you have the option of Monster trucks.

I cannot end without mention of the brand new powerful pistol – Desert Eagle or Deagle, somewhat similar to the one used by players of CSGO. Deagle guarantees damage of 62 per shot and will support Red Dot, Holographic sites and various magazines with a laser sight.

Phoneswiki team will keep you updated with the upcoming Season of PUBG Mobile right here! Stay tuned and do share your excitement too!



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