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A pool shower is the best solution to freshen up

A pool shower is an extremely convenient and useful thing. Firstly, with it, you can comfortably wash before swimming in the pool. This is a mandatory procedure: so you will not leave your bacteria in the pond. This is especially true for situations where a lot of people swim in the pool. Secondly, buying a summer shower is good because you can refresh yourself on hot summer days without unnecessary difficulties. No need to go to the house, wasting time on this. Just rinse in the pool shower and you’re done!

Varieties of the pool shower

Most often, a pool shower looks like a thin rack with a watering can at the end. Extremely simple design that can be placed literally anywhere. An alternative option is a full shower. Placed where the emphasis is on privacy. The shower may have additional options: for example, a timer or a foot washer. Models also differ in tank volume. Average designs have a tank of 20-40 liters. Obviously, if there are a lot of bathers, it is better to choose a shower with the largest possible tank.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to such points as:

● The material from which the structure is made. It must be resistant to UV, weather, pressure and temperature changes. It is better to opt for plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel.

● Conditions for comfortable swimming. It is better to order options with the ability to adjust the atomizer. It is desirable that such a structure be closed at least on one side in order to protect itself from the wind.

The assortment presented at Aquatica is regularly updated and replenished, due to which every client, even the most demanding one, will be able to choose the best option from us.

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Audrey Throne
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