Charging at a Snail’s pace-A Pixel owner’s new worry?


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Charging at a Snail's pace-A Pixel owner's new worry?

Android 11 had a rough beginning followed by an uneven progress which left many Android fanboys mildly disappointed. With Android 12 looming across the horizon the expectations of most have been reduced to requiring a stable and functioning OS. On the other hand, Android 11 refuses to go quietly into the night. It has one more surprise for us-one in the form of the March 2021 update. Wireless charging is to become much slower than before. Here’s our take on the Pixel phone slow wireless charging.

What caused the issue?

Most of the reports surrounding this claim made an appearance shortly after the March 2021 update. The update currently features cloud backup for Recorder, a heart and respiratory monitor, Gboard’s Smart Compose among others. The issue has struck devices across the Pixel line-up-from the Pixel 3 till the Pixel 5.

A user on Reddit’s r/GooglePixel stated that their device failed to recognize the Amazon basics wireless charger. They kept receiving alert messages to align the device in accordance to the charging coil. In other cases, the phone refused to charge beyond a certain point unless it’s physically plugged in to the wall.

Pixel 4XL Wireless Charging issue

Before you make any assumptions, do listen to ours. It was believed that some Pixel devices had an issue with the battery indicator. It refused to show the actual battery percentage some times. The post-March update witnessed the issue being resolved, at the expense of having another one.

The Google community has a couple of evidence regarding the battery issue…

After the March 2021 update my Pixel 3 XL stops wirelessly charging at 91%. I spoke with Google support and went through all of the steps, including doing a factory reset. All for not, it’s still broken. Google support was next to useless in assisting in the matter. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Gary Daniels

Battery life can suffer in this new software bug. The constant switching between “alignment” and the “now charging” notification has reduced the battery capacity/life of many users.

Most of the complaints have a common root. A constant recurrence of the “alignment” notification, or slow battery charging patterns. Some cases include the previous issue of faulty battery indication with slower charging. As a result, having a Pixel phone without these issues seems to be a godsend.

How to resolve the Pixel phone slow wireless charging?

There are a bunch of user solutions on both the Google forum and the Reddit community.

For starters, try removing the battery case before charging. There can be some metallic designs or attachments that can interfere with the charging process.

Another user claims that trying to charge the phone after switching it off seemed to work just fine. Although there’s some speculation that Google’s recent firmware update on the Google Stand was a move to shut out 3rd-party chargers. This does explain the first case where a user tried an Amazon Basics charger.

Charging at a Snail's pace-A Pixel owner's new worry?

Other solutions are pretty basic. Making use of a temporary wired charging option can help prevent the degradation of battery capacity while still charging at its usual speed. Although, if you’re tech savvy enough, you could reset the phone’s security update to the one released in February.

That’s pretty much all the dirt we’ve got on this subject. If you think we missed out on anything do leave a comment below. For more similar content visit us here.

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Achyuth Nambiar
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