Simple Phone Hacks You Never Thought Can Be Done By Own


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Hacks are tricks that enable us to do things faster and more efficiently and given most people’s busy schedules, hacks could help them save a lot of time.

Almost everyone in the modern world uses a phone for a wide variety of purposes. Therefore, phone hacks are important for many reasons considering how often we use our phones.

There are hacks that are specific to certain phones while some are generic. However, all of them are bound to improve the user experience while using your phone.

The following are some simple phone hacks that most people don’t even know:

Charging Your Phone Faster

Though battery technology has progressed significantly since the advent of the smartphone, batteries still have a short lifespan. With people using their phones the whole day long, charging your phone faster may be crucial to keeping your phone alive.

The hack is quite simple and easy to do. It involves turning your phone’s Airplane mode on while charging. Better still, completely shut down your phone.

The key here is to avoid using your phone as much as possible while charging your phone. Moreover, your phone is always constantly connecting to cell phone towers, and to GPS satellites which consumes battery life.

Install an Adblocker

Many people online make money through advertising. On the other hand, no one likes seeing ads while using their phones, especially when surfing the web or playing games.

If you want to stop being constantly bombarded by ads, a simple hack is to install an adblocker. There are many types of ad blockers online though they essentially function in the same way.

Using an adblocker may sound obvious but very few people actually do it and simply accept the ads as part of the experience. However, with an adblocker, using your phone is much less annoying than it is without it.

Unlocking Your Phone

Most iPhones and smartphones come with an inbuilt network as a strategy for telecommunication companies to have more customers. If you want to change your carrier, you have to unlock your phone through a process called network unlocking. This first needs to be carried out by the network carrier. So, if you wish to unlock your iPhone, you will need a network carrier to unlock your network, after which you can unlock the device yourself. 

Unlocking your device may be simple or difficult depending on other factors such as your current location.

Take Action Photos

We live in the age of selfies where people are constantly taking photos of themselves. However, taking still photos and photos of moving objects are two different processes.

Thankfully, there is an iPhone hack that can enable you to take action photos. It is the ‘Burst’ feature in your camera app that allows you to take multiple pictures in swift succession.

To use the feature, all you have to do is press and hold the shutter button while taking a picture. Taking pictures of sports events, car races or simply playing with your dog becomes very easy with this simple hack.

Identify Unknown Objects

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that statement rings truest when you see things you cannot describe. Worse still, you cannot use Google to search for items you cannot describe.

A simple hack you can use to identify such objects is to take a picture of it and upload it. Google has image recognition software that can identify virtually any object in existence.

The feature works very fast and includes the most massive image database in the world. It will often provide reliable results and when it does not, it will come up with near matches.

Use Your Phone As a Remote

Many of us use our phones or at least have them nearby while we watch TV. If you don’t have a TV remote or cannot find it, don’t worry, you can use your phone as a remote.

Most smartphones come equipped with infrared blasters which you can use to pair with an infrared control device. Your TV remote uses the same infrared energy to communicate with the TV.

Moreover, if your remote is not responding, you can use infrared blasters to check if the infrared remote is working. Though you cannot see infrared waves with your eyes, you can view them through your phone’s camera.

We are always looking for hacks to make our lives easier and save time. The above phone hacks will not only improve your user experience but will also benefit other aspects of your life.

There are many more hacks you can find but the above are some of the simplest ones anyone can use.

Sushant Gupta
Sushant Gupta
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