OnePlus OxygenOS 12 issues: What do we know so far? Has OnePlus Unsettled its fans?


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OnePlus launched OxygenOS 12 beta with Android 12 on 5th September for the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. To summarise the first reactions pouring in, all hell broke loose on the experience of the Oppo customized Android 12. OxygenOS is no longer the gem that the OnePlus tech enthusiasts have loved for years. The beta version of OxygenOS 12 rolled out is facing unexpectedly a lot of criticisms and issues.

Foremost, OnePlus has dropped its clean and straightforward UI in favour of a UI based on Oppo’s ColorOS which is anything but clean and straightforward. Not that it’s bad, it’s just not what people used to buy OnePlus for. And this may ultimately be the end of OxygenOS. Let us browse through the initial reactions that are pouring in to help you to decide whether you want to run the Android 12 update when it flashes.

OxygenOS 12 Issues

Is it RIP OxygenOS 2015-2021?

OnePlus and Oppo recently announced the merger, working together to improve the user experience and scheduled release of OS plus security updates. However, all is not good as many tech critics, as well as users, have started pointing out in their OnePlus 9 series loaded with OxygenOS 12 beta 1.

The new OS gives a feel of ColorOS on top of new skin. I’d like to start by saying that ColorOS is not a bad software skin. It has come a long way and has improved a lot, but that’s not why people buy OnePlus.

There are OnePlus fans for its clean and simple experience which the ColorOS cannot simply provide. OnePlus calls its customers “fans” which is true to some extent because they actually are crazy about OnePlus products.

Also, after closing out all the apps running in the background, a tormenting text displays saying “Your phone is in the best condition” which is really getting on the nerves of users.

OxygenOS 12 issues – Random Reboots

Oneplus 9 series users on Android 12 beta have reported random reboots, which is obviously a little worrying. In fact, a user was displayed Chinese text on crash and is definitely not re-assuring.

OxygenOS 12 issues – WiFi Lockscreen

This issue has been carried forward from the predecessor OS. There have been long threads on forums but OnePlus is yet to fix. The bug has leaked into OxygenOS 12 beta 1 too. Users have tried to resolve the issue by removing the battery, doing standby optimization, altering wifi sleep settings, turning off sleep standby optimization and individual app optimization. But OnePlus has no solution to offer except to reset phones over and over again.

OxygenOS 12 optimization issues

In addition to the sudden shock of an OS looking more like COS, few more issues are getting attention. Some reported battery drain and heating up of devices, while few found Battery life better than OOS 11. Some reported calls or text messages being missed out, Face unlock not working, missed out DND pop up, Lock screen always on 120 Hz irrespective of settings, drastic FPS drop, Missing 90 FPS on BGMI!

You can also share with us your issues and expectations.

Potential Solutions to some OxygenOS 12 issues

Since the OS is in Beta 1, there will be bugs that will get ironed out with subsequent stable rollouts. Till the time OnePlus fixes the software issues permanently, users have found a workaround to random reboots.

I installed Nova launcher, which resolved most of my problems. Most of the problems appear to come from the rough OnePlus/Color OS launcher rather than the OS. I’ve not had a crash since those first two. Battery life appears to be better than OOS 11. This morning I’m still using the phone from yesterday’s charge in spite of a lot of use. OOS 12 lets you run all apps at full speed (no throttling).

OnePlus will soon be rolling out OxygenOS 12 beta 2 keeping an eye on the feedback reported on forums and Reddit threads. Till then, one can wait or revert to Android 11.


OnePlus built its brand around a “Clean and Simple” vision which was backed by its hardware and software. But it was always OxygenOS that made all the difference. It was the clean interface and the customizability of OxygenOS that made the OnePlus stand apart.

With that no longer the case, I don’t see the logic behind buying a OnePlus phone instead of just going with OPPO. The valid reason I can think of is the North American market. As OPPO doesn’t sell phones directly in the region, it is using OnePlus as the channel for ColorOS.

The OS once loved by all geeks is now gone and what we can say is that it was good while it lasted. Share with us your thoughts and experiences.

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