Why Don’t You Feel the Effects of CBD?


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Due to the USFDA’s hands-off approach when it comes to hemp cannabinoid products, CBD has been touted as a miracle drug that instantly solves nearly every ailment known to man. The truth is that CBD is an incredible chemical compound but isn’t a miracle drug. Taking sublingual CBD oil isn’t going to solve all life’s problems in five minutes.

Many people claim they don’t feel the effects of CBD because their expectations are so high. After taking CBD for the first time and the CBD oil does nothing, they are let down and stop using. For CBD benefits to take place, the user must be sure to do these three things:

  • Check to see if their product actually contains CBD
  • Use the product correctly
  • Take their CBD consistently

Do You Feel Anything From CBD?

Some people do claim to have an instant sense of relaxation after taking CBD. However, proving this phenomenon is difficult to do. Most people who are serious about taking CBD don’t claim instant results; they understand that taking CBD needs to be done regularly to get the actual CBD benefits.

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Check Lab Tests

The first step to making sure you will have a great experience taking CBD is to make sure your product is legitimate. Buying from a well know established retailer usually solves this problem, but it is always a good idea to at least check cannabinoid potency tests so you know what is in the products.

If you are buying a full spectrum product with a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, it is a good idea to check on the other compounds in the product to ensure your product is worth the extra money. Isolate cannabinoid products are usually much cheaper than full spectrum, checking the lab tests is the only way to know if the product contains what the company is claiming.

Follow Instructions

Taking your preferred method of CBD, the correct manner is the second step to experiencing the effects of CBD. If you are taking sublingual CBD oil, the product is designed to dissolve under the tongue.

CBD edibles do not require any instructions, however, be mindful that this method isn’t very efficient. Much of the CBD goes to waste in the digestive process. You are going to need a higher dose to receive the benefits if you are eating your CBD. Some edibles are more efficient than others; for instance, CBD gummies or hard candy are broken up in the mouth, and the digestive system requires less work. Taking a cookie or brownie will be less effective than these easy-to-digest methods.

Dose Consistently

Using CBD regularly is the main reason why many people believe CBD no effect. They take their CBD once and do not feel anything, and move on with their lives. The industry hasn’t done the best job communicating that CBD may take weeks for the effects to start being felt.

We recommend taking CBD sublingually every day for at least a week before you make any judgments. CBD isn’t going to work for everyone, but so many people have felt the benefits that it is a shame that so many people use it once and stop.

However, people can experiment with other consumption methods, such as smoking. Changing their consumption habits may result in better satisfaction. Buying CBD seeds from seed suppliers like Zamnesia and growing plants at home is another option for those looking to save money.

Taking CBD requires some thought; you must identify your goals and find how taking CBD will lead to regular usage. Unfortunately, one dose is not enough to get the results you are looking for.

The popularity of the cannabinoid is due to its non-intoxicating properties and nearly no CBD side effects. Follow our suggestions, making sure you are taking CBD, using the product correctly, and consistently dosing. You will be in a better position to experience the benefits of CBD.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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