‘Octordle 495’ & Octordle Sequence Mode June 3, 2023 Answers and Hints


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Octordle is a challenging game where players try to guess eight five-letter words using only thirteen guesses. It’s similar to Wordle, with no clues provided, but the tiles change color when a word is correctly guessed. Here are the answers for Octordle 495 released on June 3, 2023, along with helpful hints to assist you in solving them.

Octordle 495 Hints – June 3, 2023

Word 1

Starts with “V” and ends with “R”
A religious figure
Often associated with a church

Word 2

Starts with “L” and ends with “R”
Someone in a romantic relationship
Expresses affection and passion

Word 3

Starts with “R” and ends with “O”
An event with cowboy activities
Involves bull riding and lassoing

Word 4

Starts with “P” and ends with “T”
To propose or suggest
Put forward as a theory or idea

Word 5

Starts with “I” and ends with “R”
To interrupt or meddle
Get involved or interfere in something

Word 6

Starts with “J” and ends with “E”
Liquid extracted from fruits or vegetables
Refreshing and often consumed for its nutrients

Word 7

Starts with “C” and ends with “D”
A leafy green vegetable
Often used in salads or sautéed as a side dish

Word 8

Starts with “A” and ends with “Y”
A mixture of metals
Combining different elements to enhance properties

Octordle 495 answers – June 3, 2023

Word 1: VICAR

Word 2: LOVER

Word 3: RODEO

Word 4: POSIT

Word 5: INTER

Word 6: JUICE

Word 7: CHARD

Word 8: ALLOY

Octordle Sequence Mode Hints – June 3, 2023

Word 1

Starts with “A” and ends with “T”
Skilled or proficient in a particular activity
Expert or highly capable

Word 2

Starts with “T” and ends with “W”
To propel something through the air using force
Commonly done with a ball or object

Word 3

Starts with “B” and ends with “N”
A large bowl-shaped container for holding liquids
Often used for washing or collecting water

Word 4

Starts with “F” and ends with “Y”
Full of fire or intense heat
Characterized by flames or strong emotions

Word 5

Starts with “G” and ends with “T”
To take excessive pleasure or satisfaction in one’s own success or someone else’s failure
Often accompanied by a smug or triumphant attitude

Word 6

Starts with “B” and ends with “Y”
Thick and full, like a dense growth of plants or hair
Abundant and dense in nature

Word 7

Starts with “C” and ends with “K”
To seal or fill gaps or cracks to make something watertight or airtight
Commonly done with a material like putty or silicone

Word 8

Starts with “C” and ends with “P”
A respiratory infection that affects young children, causing a barking cough
Characterized by a distinctive coughing sound

Octordle Sequence Mode Answers – June 3, 2023

Word 1: ADEPT

Word 2: THROW

Word 3: BASIN

Word 4: FIERY

Word 5: GLOAT

Word 6: BUSHY

Word 7: CAULK

Word 8: CROUP

What are the rules for playing Octordle?

The rules for playing Octordle are simply straightforward. Your goal is to input over 8 five-letter words using as few attempts as you can. To submit a guess, input any legitimate five-letter word and hit enter. 

How to play Octordle?

  • To play Octordle, simply visit its website
  • Click on daily game 
  • A puzzle will appear 
  • Follow the rules and start playing 
  • You can take help from our daily Octordle guide
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