Duotrigordle 458 Hints & Answers for June 3, 2023


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Duotrigordle is the biggest version of anything that ends with “ordle” – Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, etc. It boasts a 32-word puzzle. If compared to Wordle, it’s like playing the same game 32 times, however, it is not as difficult as it may sound and to make it even easier, we bring you daily hints to solve the puzzle. And, if that doesn’t help you. Keep reading as here we have provided you with all Duotrigordle 458 answers for June 3, 2023.

Duotrigordle 458 Hints – June 3, 2023

Word 1

Starts with “R” and ends with “R”
Natural flowing watercourse
Bridges and boats often associated

Word 2

Starts with “C” and ends with “H”
Trains and instructs in a sport or activity
Provides guidance to a team

Word 3 

Starts with “C” and ends with “R”
Tree known for durable wood and pleasant aroma
Used in furniture and construction

Word 4

Starts with “T” and ends with “T”
Short message or post on social media
Limited character count

Word 5

Starts with “G” and ends with “Y”
Describes awkward or clumsy movements
Lack of coordination and gracefulness

Word 6

Starts with “M” and ends with “L”
Highly successful and influential person
Associated with wealth and power

Word 7

Starts with “M” and ends with “Y”
Preserved body wrapped in cloth
Associated with ancient civilizations

Word 8

Starts with “B” and ends with “O”
Popular game of chance with numbered cards
Marking off called numbers on cards

Word 9 

Starts with “D” and ends with “L”
Describes someone or something amusing or humorous
Often characterized by dry wit or clever wordplay

Word 10

Starts with “B” and ends with “D”
A staple food made from dough and typically baked
Comes in various types like whole wheat, sourdough, or baguette

Word 11 

Starts with “H” and ends with “D”
To accumulate or stockpile something in large quantities
Often associated with saving or collecting items excessively

Word 12

Starts with “F” and ends with “N”
Refers to a person who has committed a serious crime
Often involves legal repercussions and penalties

Word 13

Starts with “R” and ends with “E”
A specified path or course for traveling from one place to another
Can refer to a road, itinerary, or navigation instructions

Word 14

Starts with “A” and ends with “R”
A fossilized tree resin often used in jewelry
Ranges in color from yellow to deep orange-brown

Word 15 

Starts with “C” and ends with “F”
Often associated with authority and decision-making
Can refer to a high-ranking officer in the military or a leader in a tribal society

Word 16 

Starts with “G” and ends with “Y”
Often associated with excitement or joy
Can be a result of excessive happiness or stimulation

Word 17 

Starts with “D” and ends with “Y”
Often associated with royalty and nobility
Similar to a principality or an earldom

Word 18 

Starts with “U” and ends with “T”
In its original, natural, or unaltered state
Can refer to a diamond or gemstone that hasn’t been shaped or polished

Word 19 

Starts with”C” and ends with “Y”
Can also refer to a group of people or things
Often used to describe a group that moves or acts together

Word 20

Stars with “S” and ends with “W”
Often associated with strength and power
Can be found in various parts of the body, including the arms and legs

Word 21 

Starts with “M” and ends with “R”
Typically located in the back of the mouth
Humans usually have three on each side of the upper and lower jaws

Word 22 

Starts with “L” and ends with “E”
Can cause itching and discomfort
Plural form is “lice”

Word 23

Starts with “S” and ends with “L”
Can refer to a period of magic or enchantment
Can also mean to write or name words correctly

Word 24

Starts with “G” and ends with “Y”
Sticky and viscous in texture
Describes substances like melted cheese or syrup

Word 25

Starts with “P” and ends with “O”
Often used to refer to a top-grade or premium item
Derived from the Italian word for “first”

Word 26

Starts with “D” and ends with “R”
Can refer to the furnishings and accessories that enhance a room’s appearance
Often used to create a desired atmosphere or aesthetic

Word 27

Starts with “I” and ends with “C”
Relating to the ilium, which is a bone in the pelvis
Can refer to the iliac artery or vein in the abdominal area

Word 28

Starts with “V” and ends with “T”
To boast or brag about one’s own accomplishments, qualities, or possessions
Can also mean to display or exhibit something proudly

Word 29
Starts with “A” and ends with “N”
The nut of an oak tree
Typically small and oval-shaped

Word 30
Starts with “L” and ends with “E”
A sudden forward or thrusting movement
Can be a dynamic exercise that targets the legs and core muscles

Word 31
Starts with “P” and ends with “H”
The highness or lowness of a sound
Also used to describe the angle or slope of a surface

Word 32
Starts with “P” and ends with “E”
A small bag used to carry money, cards, and personal belongings
Often held by women as a fashion accessory

Duotrigordle 458 Answers – June 3, 2023

Here are all the answers for Duotrigordle 458. If the hints didn’t help you much, this is going to make it a lot easier.

Word 1: RIVER

Word 2: COACH

Word 3: CEDAR

Word 4: TWEET

Word 5: GAWKY

Word 6: MOGUL

Word 7: MUMMY

Word 8: BINGO

Word 9: DROLL

Word 10: BREAD

Word 11: HOARD

Word 12: FELON

Word 13: ROUTE

Word 14: AMBER

Word 15: CHIEF

Word 16: GIDDY

Word 17: DUCHY

Word 18: UNCUT

Word 19: COVEY

Word 20: SINEW

Word 21: MOLAR

Word 22: LOUSE

Word 23: SPELL

Word 24: GOOEY

Word 25: PRIMO

Word 26: DECOR

Word 27: ILIAC

Word 28: VAUNT

Word 29: ACORN

Word 30: LUNGE

Word 31: PITCH

Word 32: PURSE

How to play Duotrigordle?

1. Visit the official website of Duotrigordle.

2. Once the game loads on the website, you’ll be presented with two options: “Daily Duotrigordle” and “Free Duotrigordle.” If you want to play the word of the day (Daily puzzle), choose the Daily option. If you prefer an unlimited 32-word guessing puzzle, select the Practice option.

3. On the screen, you’ll see a column with 5 letters and 32 words. You have a total of 37 attempts to solve the puzzle.

4. Your goal is to guess the Two Duotrigordle within these 37 tries.

5. Make sure that each guess is a valid 5-letter word, and then hit the enter button to submit it.

6. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change, indicating how close your guess was to the correct word.

7. Remember, a new Duotrigordle puzzle will be available every day!

Enjoy playing the Duotrigordle game and challenge yourself with its word puzzles!

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