Duotrigordle Answers #457 – Here are Duotrigordle hints and clues for today


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If you’re a fan of word puzzles, you’ve likely encountered games like Wordle, Quordle, and Dordle, all ending with the distinct “ordle” suffix. However, there’s a new contender in the world of word games: Duotrigordle. 

Unlike its counterparts that require you to find one or four answers daily, Duotrigordle takes the challenge to another level by presenting players with a staggering 32 answers every day. With its vast array of daily word puzzles, Duotrigordle has quickly gained recognition as a massive online word game unlike any other.

Duotrigordle Hints June 2, 2023 #457 

Word 1

Starts with “S,” ends with “L.”
Cylindrical object for winding thread or wire.
Can be used as a verb for coiling or winding.

Word 2

Starts with “V,” ends with “L.”
Adjective related to the voice or singing.
Refers to musical sounds produced by the human voice.

Word 3

Starts with “S,” ends with “L.”
Strong alloy with iron and carbon.
Used in construction and manufacturing.

Word 4

Starts with “V,” ends with “A.”
Interjection expressing satisfaction or accomplishment.
Often used to draw attention with flair.

Word 5

Starts with “V,” ends with “A.”
Slightly larger instrument with a deeper sound than a violin.
Key member of the string section in an orchestra.

Word 6

Starts with “S,” ends with “E.”
Written representation of a musical composition.
Total points or goals in a game or competition.

Word 7

Starts with “D,” ends with “T.”
Verb to intimidate or discourage.
Can describe overcoming fears or doubts.

Word 8

Starts with “N,” ends with “E.”
Unwanted or unpleasant sound.
Can indicate confusion or disorder.

Word 9

Starts with “M,” ends with “R.”
Back tooth used for grinding and chewing.
Located in the mouth.

Word 10

Starts with “T,” ends with “D.”
Rough woolen fabric for suits and jackets.
Associated with British and Irish clothing styles.

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Word 11

Starts with “M,” ends with “M.”
Device to connect computers or electronic devices to the internet.
Converts digital signals to analog signals for transmission.

Word 12

Starts with “D,” ends with “Y.”
Describes something covered in fine dust particles.
Can refer to dull or muted colors.

Word 13

Starts with “L,” ends with “Y.”
Large open area at the entrance of a building.
Often serves as a waiting area or gathering place.

Word 14

Starts with “S,” ends with “E.”
Viscous, sticky substance, often slimy.
Found naturally or artificially.

Word 15

Starts with “S,” ends with “D.”
To use money for goods or services.
Can refer to the passage of time or resource consumption.

Word 16

Starts with “B,” ends with “T.”
Swell or become swollen due to fluid or gas.
Describes physical discomfort or distension.

Word 17

Starts with “S,” ends with “B.”
Small to medium-sized woody plant with multiple stems.
Used for landscaping or gardening.

Word 18

Starts with “T,” ends with “C.”
Describes something harmful, poisonous, or containing toxins.
Can refer to substances, environments, or relationships.

Word 19

Starts with “B,” ends with “T.”
To increase or raise something in a positive way.
Enhancing performance, morale, or confidence.

Word 20

Starts with “R,” ends with “Y.”
Describes a high-pitched sound or voice.
Area with tall, slender plants.

Word 21

Starts with “H,” ends with “Y.”
Colloquial term for a person associated with countercultural movements.
Embraces nonconformity, peace, and environmentalism.

Word 22

Starts with “R,” ends with “H.”
Extend one’s arm or body to touch or grab something.
Refers to the extent or range of influence or ability.

Word 23

Starts with “S,” ends with “K.”
Large predatory fish with a cartilaginous skeleton and sharp teeth.
Known for streamlined body and hunting abilities.

Word 24

Starts with “D,” ends with “S.”
One-piece garment worn by women or girls, with a skirt and bodice.
To put on clothes or prepare oneself.

Word 25

Starts with “B,” ends with “E.”
Solution of salt and water used for preserving or flavoring food.
Describes salty water of the sea or saltwater lakes.

Word 26

Starts with “D,” ends with “Y.”
Short, simple song or melody with a catchy tune.
Used for jingles, nursery rhymes, or lighthearted tunes.

Word 27

Starts with “A,” ends with “S.”
Deep or seemingly bottomless chasm or void.
Metaphorically describes a feeling of emptiness or hopelessness.

Word 28

Starts with “W,” ends with “E.”
Form fabric by interlacing threads or fibers.
Act of creating something with different elements or ideas.

Word 29

Starts with “C,” ends with “E.”
Two-door car with a fixed roof and sloping rear line.
Often designed for two or four people with a sporty appearance.

Word 30

Starts with “G,” ends with “T.”
Excessive pleasure or satisfaction in one’s success or another’s failure.
Seen as unsportsmanlike.

Word 31

Starts with “B” , ends with “P.”
Describes a large, non-rigid airship used for advertising or surveillance.
Elongated in shape and a gas-filled envelope.

Word 32

Starts with “B” , ends with “Y.”
Refers to the front or abdomen of a human or animal’s body.
Can also describe a bulging or rounded shape, particularly in the stomach area.

Duotrigordle Answers June 2, 2023 #457 


How to play Duotrigordle?

  • Viist Duotrigordle website
  • Start a new game.
  • Read the clues for each word from here.
  • Guess and enter five-letter words based on the clues.
  • Verify your answers for correctness.
  • Solve the remaining words using the given clues.
  • Submit your completed puzzle.

Play daily and enjoy the word puzzle challenge. That’s it for today, come back tomorrow for June 3 Duotrigordle Answers and Hints.

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