Unfair Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop threatens to plague the game


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The sentiment surrounding Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is continuously declining, exacerbated by a rising number of reports concerning the “Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop” issue. It is more due to the Shadowban system, the sequel to Modern Warfare 2 is already making headlines. The problem of getting unfairly banned is pervasive across numerous Call of Duty titles and has marred the promising start of the MW3 game.

The buzz surrounding the shadowban system is currently dominating discussions on social media. While account bans for legitimate reasons are not unusual, the number of Call of Duty gamers claiming to be shadowbanned raises significant concern. As the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 approaches, it appears that something has gone awry, potentially preventing gamers from accessing and enjoying the new content that went online in November.


Players are expressing dissatisfaction, citing the unjust Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop, and it seems that the game’s reporting system is at fault.

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The term “shadowban loop” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (MWIII) characterizes a troublesome scenario where players face unjust and repeated bans, often stemming from inaccurate reports of cheating. This results in a frustrating cycle of multiple bans, with the underlying issues usually tied to inaccurate reports and weaknesses in the game’s anti-cheat system.

Many players hold the view that akin to Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM), the anti-cheat system is flawed or experiencing technical glitches. Players are receiving bans even in the absence of cheating, misconduct, or the use of third-party software, causing widespread frustration. Compounding the problem, after an unwarranted ban, players are left with just one recourse: reporting the issue to Activision support and awaiting the developers to address the complaint ticket. Throughout this waiting period, access to the servers becomes entirely inaccessible.

An even more concerning aspect is that, after an unjustified ban, players are left with just one recourse: reporting the problem to Activision support and awaiting resolution from the developers through the complaint ticket. Meanwhile, access to the servers remains entirely unavailable.

The history of hacking and cheating within the Activision franchise has deep roots. Fan grievances about hackers infiltrating the game have steadily grown over the years. Understandably, these occurrences have left fans significantly disillusioned. The persistent challenges tied to hacking and cheating contribute to an overarching sense of disappointment among the player base.

Unfair Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop threatens to plague the game

It’s regrettable to witness the frustration and challenges players are facing with the Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop problem in Call of Duty. The absence of communication from Activision compounds the issue, underscoring the importance of transparency and responsiveness from game developers during such situations. If a workaround exists, users should approach it cautiously to avoid unintended consequences, including potential violations of the terms of service.

What does Shadowban mean on COD?

When a player suspected of hacking receives a shadow ban in Call of Duty, their ability to join regular lobbies within the broader game community is restricted. Instead, they are placed into specialized lobbies alongside other individuals under suspicion of cheating, while Activision conducts a review of their account.

The Shadow Ban Loop is a measure instituted by Activision that gives priority to the trust factor of an account. Consequently, users with newer accounts may find themselves stuck in a shadowban loop.

The consequences of the shadow ban include limitations on achieving a specific number of kills (usually between 8 to 10 or more), resulting in disconnection and an immediate placement in a shadow ban.

The duration of the shadow ban typically ranges from 3 to 5 days, occasionally extending to 7 days or, in rarer instances, exceeding 14 days.

To avoid the shadow ban, players are advised to possess an older account, preferably at least 3 months old or more, and to exercise discretion in their interactions to prevent causing offense.

Unfair Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop threatens to plague the game

How does shadowban happen in COD?

The common perception surrounding the shadow-ban wave indicates that the Call of Duty anti-cheat system allows players to spam reports against others, leading to automatic penalties based on the number of received reports. While recognizing the necessity of a reporting system to address genuine cheaters and uphold a fair gaming environment, there are concerns about the potential abuse of this system, resulting in unjust penalties for players who may not be involved in any wrongdoing.

How to fix the Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop?

Unfortunately, despite the escalating number of reports on the Modern Warfare 3 shadowban loop issue, there has been no communication from the developers. Players have consistently expressed concerns for months, underscoring the seriousness of the problem, yet the developers have chosen to maintain a silent stance.

This absence of official acknowledgment has only heightened the severity of the situation. While an official fix remains elusive, some players have independently proposed potential workarounds that may provide temporary relief.

Until an official resolution is provided, consider the following suggested workarounds:

  1. Opt to play on a console rather than a PC.
  2. Team up with a whitelisted player.
  3. Flushing DNS:
    • Open the command prompt with administrator privileges.
    • Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter.
    • This action clears the DNS resolver cache.
    • Using Default DNS from ISP:
      • Go to network settings on the device.
      • Select the option to obtain DNS server addresses automatically or use the default DNS provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
      • This helps ensure the use of stable and recommended DNS servers.
    • Reinstalling the Game:
      • Uninstall the game from the system.
      • Download the latest version from the official source or game platform.
      • Install the game again to ensure a fresh and updated installation.
  4. To mitigate the risk of being reported for chat-related reasons, some players choose to stay silent during their matches. This tactic aims to avoid any communication-related issues that could lead to reports.
  5. Additionally, there is a suggestion among players to wait for some time after the shadow ban is lifted before actively engaging in matches again. However, the effectiveness of this approach seems to vary, with different players reporting mixed results.

On a more extreme note, players can explore the following options:

  • Attempt to gain partnership/sponsorship with Activision, as affiliated players are said to be ‘perma whitelisted’ unless they engage in serious misconduct (sometimes even that doesn’t revoke their whitelist status).

It’s crucial to recognize that these workarounds are sourced from the community, and the outcomes may not consistently achieve the intended results.

The last point is applicable only if you possess the skills to effectively articulate grievances about Call of Duty and happen to have a spare wig and black goggles at home. Additionally, having a large, young, and impressionable audience is deemed essential for this particular workaround.

As of now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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