Misconceptions People Have About Stand-up Comedians


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Do you love stand-up comedy? Did you know there were some misconceptions about stand-up comedians that need to be debunked? Well, if you are a fan then you must know what these myths are. Let’s debunk those myths together. 

This article talks about the biggest misconceptions people have about stand-up comedians.   

#1 Stand-up comedians should make people laugh all the time! 

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about stand-up comedians is that they should make people laugh anywhere and everywhere. Most of the comedians who are just starting or have recently started doing shows, get low wages and are often asked to perform in front of the people for free. Not only is this rude but also demeaning.

 Stand-up comedians are not clowns, they are just like any other individual. Therefore, the only place they should make people laugh is when they are on the stage performing. 

#2 All stand-up comedians are actors!

There is this misconception that since comedians do voices and different acts, they are actors. A lot of people believe that comedians are either failed actors or are using stand-up comedy as a way to get into acting. All these claims are false. 

In no way is stand-up comedy linked to acting. Yes, stand-up comedians can act. However, it doesn’t mean that that’s their end goal. Some might want to act along with pursuing comedy and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you must understand that not all stand-up comedians are actors. 

#3 All comedians are social!

Sure, you must have seen how funny, outgoing, and social stand-up comedians are on stage. However, you will be surprised to know that a lot of stand-up comedians are introverts who are very different from how they portray themselves on stage. 

Everyone expects stand-up comedians to make everyone laugh just because it’s their job to be funny. But it’s their job to be funny when they are on duty. Off duty, they could have very different lives so do not expect your favorite comedians to be the life of the party. 

#4 This is their only job!

Nearly every stand-up comedian has some side job to help cover the expenses. These jobs may include substitutes such as teaching, tutoring, modeling, voice artists, writing, or any other type of freelance work. Not all comedians make a lot of money therefore, they need other jobs to live a comfortable lifestyle. 

#5 Stand-up comedians work one hour a night!

Sure the gig at a club lasts from 40 minutes to an hour but that doesn’t mean that stand-up comedians just work one hour a night. Some do the same old acts to many different clubs for an hour and are paid less. Not to mention, the thought process that goes behind coming up with a scene. 

Comedians have to write, revise, record themselves and listen to those recordings before they go on a stage. It is a creative process that requires a lot of thinking and hard work. The work can be exhausting and mentally draining. 

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