How to Keep Your Business Safe From Hackers


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Having a business online without having a system in place to protect against the nefarious attacks of hackers is basically the same as owning a castle and leaving the drawbridge down. If you are vulnerable, they will find those points of weakness and exploit them, potentially costing your business thousands or even millions of dollars in damage.

Thankfully for you, there are a variety of different processes that you can put in place in order to keep your business safe. Read the complete guide that has been written for you below to get a full overview.

Install Anti-Virus Software

In order to prevent a hack like the one that recently affected Microsoft, it is imperative for your business to install the right level of anti-virus software. Simply put, this allows your business to have a system in place that can nip hacks in the bud before they even happen. This is because they are constantly scanning your computer systems for any malware and can automatically prevent them before they happen.

Use Alphanumeric Passwords

As seen with the former president himself, if you have a password that is very easy to guess, you are basically opening the door and allowing hackers to come in and steal all of your vital information. That is why it is so important to have automatically generated passwords that are a combination of unguessable numbers and letters.

For extra security, it might even be worth adding in special characters or punctuation marks. You should also have a different password for each account, which means that even if a hacker gets the password to one part of your system, the entire lot will not be compromised.

Use Cloud Computing

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, hackers can still find a way to get through and access our information, even being able to completely shut down a system. This is why it is so important to make sure that you invest in cloud computing.

This will allow you to get back online in just a few clicks, meaning that you needn’t worry about all of your data being lost in the event of a hack. Managing the switch to cloud computing can be a difficult one, however, which means that it might actually be worthwhile to use IT support consulting that can help your business to install it with the least amount of stress possible.

Have a Closed Wi-Fi 

Open Wi-Fi networks are notoriously porous. This means that if a hacker is able to access your internet system, they might have a way in to take apart your entire business. That’s why it is important to make sure that your Wi-Fi system is completely closed with a secure alphanumeric password.

While it might be annoying to guests who come who want to get on the Wi-Fi network, you can just tell them the password so that they can be online in just a few clicks. Just make sure to change the password after they are gone.

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