What are the best free VPN download for any platform? Are they legal?


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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows one to create a secure connection to a website over the internet. It enables one to bypass region-restricted websites and ensures data privacy from Internet Service Providers, websites one’s visits, and the local Government’s rules. Pandemic has forced people to look for the best free VPN download on the internet. Everyone is looking out for ways to get unrestricted access online as well as enjoy cybersecurity and digital freedom of their data on any platform.

Unfortunately, free VPN has an infamous reputation in the digital space. But if you have done your research and know what to pick, you can land a great VPN without spending a dime. Here are listed researched best free VPN download sites. Read on to find out which free online VPN is the best and which ones you should avoid at all costs.

Are free VPN’s safe?

You don’t have to bid farewell to your free VPN online dream if you are unwilling to spend any money. But have to be extremely careful as a recent study has shown 38 per cent of VPNs contain malware.

Advertising might have malware embedded in them. It might be a problem as advertising is the only revenue for free VPNs. Moreover, most of the free VPNs gather data about the online activity so that they can sell data to advertisers for a personalized advertisement experience.

Protecting data and privacy is the primary reason for having a VPN in the first place, and this may come out to be an issue for many. Notable disadvantages of free VPNs are limited bandwidth, ads, and slow upload speed. But they are legal provided you are cautious enough in selecting one.

Here are some free VPNs online that respect your privacy and keeps you safe.

Proton VPN

  • Proton VPN is one of the only few free VPN free to download optimized for desktop usage, making it one of the best free VPN for PC
  • Well-designed and attractive interface
  • Available on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • No data cap
  • Free users have access to 3 server locations, namely- USA, Netherlands and Japan
  • One of the best free VPN for security. It uses military-grade encryption and industry-standard tunneling protocols
  • Has a reliable kill switch
  • Privacy is substantial
  • No speed limit, however it does prioritize premium users!


  • Torrenting is not allowed with this VPN
  • No extra security features
  • Limited server location
  • Limited to 1 device per account

Tunnel Bear VPN


  • Tunnel bear is available on platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS and a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • No speed limit.
  • Accessible over 20 locations.
  • Offers split tunneling on Android (Split bear)
  • Provides a network lock feature known as Vigilant bear.
  • Uses military-grade encryption namely Advanced Encryption System (AES) with 256-bit key.
  • It automatically re-establishes your connection when you are logged out of your internet.


  • The most significant disadvantage of Tunnel bear is the 500Mb data cap. But, the remaining data, if any, gets carried over in the next month.
  • It is not apt for streaming and it does not bypass Netflix access.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is the only pay-only VPN on this list, and there is a reason for it. Within a year of its release, it has been placed among the greats of Nord VPN and Express VPN. It is also one of the cheapest VPNs available in the market right now. It is perhaps arguably the best VPN in the market right now. You can learn everything about their operations from the Surfshark guide!


  • Surfshark has an exceptional protocol selection that is backed up with IKEv2.
  • Has strong encryption for the data transmitted.
  • Offers no-logs service, which keeps your internet activity anonymous.
  • Available on multiple platforms.
  • 0 packet loss and latency which enables excellent sped.
  • Bypasses geo-blocked content.
  • Several countries to choose from.


  • Surfshark is a paid service, although, it does offer budget friendly deals
  • Customer service isn’t up to the mark.
  • Does not have a great social media presence.
  • Torrent speeds are quite bad.

Atlas VPN


  • Atlas VPN is one of the best VPN free to download for Streaming and Torrenting. Speeds are good enough to stream videos in HD. It is also one of the best free VPN for android.
  • P2P (Peer to Peer network) is allowed, One of the fastest and convenient ways of file sharing.
  • Can unblock Netflix US and Netflix Netherlands.
  • Security is also excellent with AES 256-Bit encryption and has reliable industry-standard IKEv2


  • Windows and Mac OS app is very new and is not fully optimized.
  • Security and Privacy are not strong as Proton VPN.
  • There is no SOCKS5 proxy or port to use whilst Torrenting.

The VPN’s listed above is the best option for those who just want to surf up the net. However, one has to be extremely careful while choosing free VPN’s. They might ruin your experience with ads, and there is always a chance for malware to be embedded.

With this, we conclude our list of the best free online VPN. Click here for similar content.

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