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Is Roblox Down again? Roblox Service is unavailable for all!

Certified Roblox moment, Roblox down for the 5th time again? User reports on DownDetector indicate Roblox is having issues since 12:49 AM EDT, 10th June. In a span of 2 days, a majority of the ROBLOX player base are reporting outages throughout the Roblox website while playing games on PC and mobile. For the past 24 hours, players are reporting various site-wide issues due to weird Roblox down issues. Check out some of the commonly reported ones. Maybe you are getting one or have encountered a new one!

  • Server connection errors,
  • Connection Error – Unable to contact server. Please check your internet
  • Roblox Service is unavailable,
  • Roblox website cannot be opened,
  • Studio places crash
  • Failed to connect to the game, error code 279
  • Player gets spawned as a noob
  • Unable to load friends
  • Site not loading up
  • Not allowing to sign in
  • Glitched noob avatar
  • Roblox App shuts down every time when one tries to open
  • Error Code 260 – There was a problem receiving data
  • Roblox Play button not working
  • Catalog doesn’t load
  • Roblox forces PC to restart
  • Avatar editor went down

Players have expressed their anguish over Twitter and reported about Roblox down and not working again.

Downdetector has also shown 5 spikes during the last 24 hours on Roblox app and website.

Is Roblox Down again? Roblox Service is unavailable for all!

Roblox hasn’t yet given any official confirmation on the outage and its resolution timeframe. However, the frequency of Roblox Down is increasing over the past month annoying its player base. With no prior intimation from the devs, there are chances of players moving out to better games like Fortnite or CoD.

Roblox had recently updated its website home page. It had updated the little profile icon on the top of the Home page to the message Home. After this one can no longer see the profile but friends are visible down below the Home message.

There are a few technical explanations from the past employees of Roblox that say “Lack of updates on the “Server DDoS attacks is becoming problematic”. Maybe the devs need to look into it now!

Is Roblox shutting down in 2022?

In the meantime, rumors of Roblox Shutting Down in 2022 are again gathering momentum. However, these are mere speculations captured via YouTube videos with no official base. The question of the Roblox shutdown was addressed officially earlier also, in 2020. So, don’t believe rumors till the time it doesn’t get official.

Though it will not be long before we hear officially from Roblox devs on the Roblox Down issue. Till then stay tuned with us.

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