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Apple iPhone 12 prices may be higher than rumored

After the September 8, Apple event, any speculations about the 2020 5G iPhone launch was laid to rest. Instead of launching the traditional iPhones in the September event, Apple went ahead and announced a new Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPad.

Since the beginning, it was an open secret that the iPhone release date 2020 will be delayed due to pandemic. Though Apple made no reference to the new iPhone 12 launch date, it was crystal clear that the launch is delayed by a few weeks. Also, the delivery appeared to take place in a staggered manner.

Insider sources contemplate that the iPhone 12 launch will happen in mid of October. Pre-orders and shipping will be kicked off in October itself. However, pre-orders and shipping of iPhone 12 Pro devices will happen in November. As the iPhone 12 launch is nearing there are rumors from all quarters about its features and price.

Although, there is confirmation about a few specs, however, the iPhone 12 price remains a mystery. There has been no confirmation from insiders or any listing stumbled upon an e-commerce giant’s internal stock memo. It was earlier rumored that the starting price of the new iPhone will be the same as its predecessor. It amounts to $699 for the base variant.

A new report, however, trashes the earlier rumored price of the iPhone 12. A report published on Weibo claims that the current logistics cannot afford to keep the iPhone 12 price the same as the iPhone 11. The increase in retail price is attributed to an increase in the Bill of Material (BOM) cost. It adds an extra $50 this year to the earlier expected price.

Earlier there were reports that the new iPhone 12 2020 models will not be packaged with a charger or wired earphones. It was also rumored that the 20W charger unit will be sold as an independent unit. In that case, it should be safe to assume that the extra BOM charges will offset the absence of charger costs. But we cannot commit to the new equation of pricing.

The confirmed leaks on the iPhone 12 (4G/5G) cost reveal that it should be priced within $699 and $749. The vanilla iPhone 12, 5.4-inch flavor is likely to be priced at $649/Rs.48,500 whereas a 6.1-inch variant is rumored to be priced at $749/Rs.56,000. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Max price could fall in the range of $799-$849.

The iPhone 12 Pro is rumored to range between $999-$1,099. The iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch variant will start at $999/Rs.75,000 whereas 6.7-inch version will cost $1,099 Rs.82,000 only.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models should be priced in the range of $1,100 to $1,200.

Till the time, Apple doesn’t formally announce, we will have to wait. Till then happy speculating and finding out ways how to buy one.

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