How to Invest in Esports? 7 Winning Stocks


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Pro gamers have successfully made a considerable profit by investing in esports. But the question is “HOW”? Gamers want to make esports their career, but many don’t know how and where to invest their money. Yet, this article will provide a complete guide regarding just that and help gamers kickstart their esports career.

Moreover, game lovers can earn money online easily with the help of the best esports betting sites. People who are not that interested in investing can also simply invest in their favourite esports team, just like Drake and Scooter Braun invest in 100 Thieves. So, this is a golden chance for game lovers to invest in esports stock. 

Listed below are the top 7 winning stocks with the best value:

1.  Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is a leading company in esports. Both beginner and professional players can participate in their tournaments. Electronic Arts stand out in the market because of its new ideas.

It allows game lovers to experience traditional sports virtually. Modern NFL and FIFA are the top-rated games by EA that enable gamers to play football and soccer online.

2.  Two-Take Interactive Software Inc.

The fastest-growing online game stock is Two-Take Interactive. The company develops entertaining games and is famous for its Grand Theft Auto game series. It has teamed with NBA and started the greatest NBA 2K esports league in 2018. Hence, it is one of the best online game stocks in 2021.

3.  Enthusiastic Gaming Holdings Inc.

Based in Canada, Enthusiastic Gaming Holdings is an esports company that aims to provide a social media platform to online gamers. The company got Tabwire LLC for $11 million. This helped Enthusiastic Gaming Holdings with a new data platform that provides players with real-time game data monitoring. This makes it the fastest-growing video game stock.

4.  Activision Blizzard

It is another famous online video game developer and publisher. It is widely known for its famous games “Overwatch” and “Call of Duty.” Activision Blizzard is investing and making great bets on esports.

The company launched its Overwatch esports league in 2017. Activision Blizzard aims to become the leader of esports. So, an excellent way to earn in esports is to invest in this stock.

5.  The9 Ltd

China accounts for one-fifth of the esports market. The9 Ltd is a Chinese- based online game developer. It enables multiple players to interact in a new, virtual environment. Plus, it planned to acquire Montcrypto with a total investment of $6.2 million. This makes it the best value video game stock on the market.

6.  Super League Gaming

Super League Gaming has a trending online game community. The company launches new online games and hosts tournaments with significant sponsors. This stock trades for $6 per share in 2021 and has a high probability of making it big in the esports market.

7.  Tencent Holdings

Once again, this winning stock is also based in China. Tencent Holdings holds Riot Games, famous for its League of Legend series. The World Championships got 100 million views in 2019. The company has a great portfolio in the esports market, making it one of the best-winning stocks.

List of Top 5 Esport Games every Gamer should be aware

There are many esports games in the market, but some stand out because of the award money that they offer. Here are the top 5 esports games that gamers should try:

  • Fortnite
  • World of Warcraft
  • Clash of Clans
  • FIFA 17
  • Hearthstone

The Bottom Line

It seems that online gaming is replacing traditional athletic sports and gaining popularity among the gamers community. Esports is an excellent opportunity for game lovers to showcase their gaming skills, get entertained, and make money. The esports stocks are gaining more popularity in the market, indicating a positive future of online gaming.

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Audrey Throne
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