How To Secure Wifi In 9 Simple Steps?


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Have you ever gone to a local cafe just for the Wi-Fi? Do you realize how risky that decision is and could potentially cause you more harm than you could fathom? 

Since this is quite an intricate matter, we’re going to discuss it in detail so that you can seriously understand the consequences of using unprotected Wi-Fi. But more important than that, this article is going to entail the 9 simple steps that can help you secure Wi-Fi.

Can Private Wi-Fi Ensure Security?

Before jumping on to the main event, let’s truly understand how secure your Wi-Fi security is. Did you know that most cybercriminals use WiFi protocols to infiltrate your online data? It’s fairly easy for them to guess the password and get access to your data. 

And the most terrifying part of this all is that they don’t even need to enter your home physically to be able to pull off this stunt. They could even be sitting on the other continent and still manage. Basically, if your authentication method is weak, you are at serious risk and anybody and any threat could hack you and your data. 

We’re all severely dependent on technology – most of us survive because of social media, while others live for it. The point is, we maintain our online presence religiously and put up the most sensitive information thinking it’s private and safe. But we need to realize that the more information we put out there, the more likely it is to attract threats. 

Hence, the level of security through routers or any other device becomes higher. In fact, it would be foolish to not encrypt our data via AES 256-bit encryption. This is essentially protection offered by VPNs that is close to military-grade level. 

It reassures you and provides you with connections that allow you to transport data through a secret tunnel that literally nobody can unwind or unravel. This tunnel and connection is what keeps your information safe. 

Is Public Wi-Fi Network Insecure?

That should not even be the question considering the severity of the situation. Public Wi-Fi networks are not secure at all. 

We’re all surrounded by public Wi-Fi networks and so the fact that it’s so easily accessible is concerning enough to alarm us about its threatening position. Look, one can’t deny that whatever comes easy, is actually quite dangerous and risky. 

Do you really think hackers won’t be sitting around waiting for the right profile to get connected to a public Wi-Fi in their most vulnerable moments only to gain access to their information and threaten them with things beyond imaginable? 

It’s actually quite a sad reality that we live in. Hackers can easily trace the online page that you’ve been surfing on only by figuring out a way to your phone – something public Wi-Fi networks can play a massive role in. 

The first thing that makes it possible is the fact that public Wi-Fi doesn’t have proper authentication protocols and so which provides a route for the hackers to gain access to files that are on your device with utter smoothness. Therefore, it’s always best to not trust public WiFi networks. 

How Do You Protect Your Wireless Network? The 9 Important Steps! 

If you are wondering how you can add a layer of security and protection to your wireless network connection, we have a 9-step guide for you. All steps are discussed briefly for your understanding. Thus, you can use them as your go-to checklist. 

  1. The first thing that you must count is the changing of the network you have at home (SSID).
  2. Of course, the most important part of having a personal, home Wi-Fi is keeping a strong password that is updated on a regular basis. We would recommend you change it every other month. 
  3. Make sure you are using the strongest encryption for your network. 
  4. The best thing to do is not connect to foreign or unknown devices. The connections should be made with networks whose addresses are already added to your network. 
  5. Okay, this one is going to sound a bit shady and selfish, but don’t share your password with guests whenever they visit your home. 
  6. Restrict the range of your Wi-Fi signals. 
  7. Always leave the house knowing that the Wi-Fi is switched off. 
  8. The firmware of the router should always be updated. 
  9. The last but also the most important tip on the list; invest in a premium VPN that can offer you protected connections and ensure all of your sensitive information is hidden from hackers and other potential threats. 

Can You Use Public WiFi With VPN? 

We earlier spoke about the threatening position that a public Wi-Fi puts you in. Now here’s some good news. Most public wireless networks are delicate and extremely dangerous. 

The only way to ensure their protection is by connecting your device with a VPN before you make a connection with the wireless network. What will happen is your device and the connection you maintain will be completely hidden from hackers. It will almost be like you’re not online or present close by. 

PureVPN – The Light At The End of The Tunnel

If you are searching for a VPN to invest in after hearing how threatening it is to use a wireless network without protection, you should think about investing in PureVPN. 

This VPN is properly equipped with features that will give you smooth surfing experiences – whether you want to gain access to blocked sites or stream content not available in your location or simply ensure a protected online presence, PureVPN is what you need. 

It offers AES 25-bit encryption along with features like Kill Switch and Split Tunneling that protect you even when your internet connection drops unexpectedly. 

In Conclusion

Public Wifi networks are extremely dangerous and carry potential threats with them. But what is surprising is that even the networks at your home are suspicious and can be misleading. This is why you must ensure that your passwords are updated, strong, and regularly changed. And most importantly, you use a premium VPN to ensure an encrypted connection at all times. 

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Jennifer Wilson
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