How to optimize your smartphone: Android tips


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Optimization in Android phones and tablets is one of the most demanded and essential functions. Their quality directly depends on how quickly the device will work. Wondering how to do this? We will share secrets with you.

Operating system update

Installing fresh versions of Android OS gives you the opportunity not only to get a lot of new functions but also to improve the operation of the device as a whole. In platform updates, software developers and any software testing company often provide a huge list of fixes that affect the future operation of the system, thereby increasing the quality of optimization

If an automatic device update has been disabled, you can fix it in the smartphone settings section.

Getting rid of charge eaters

It’s no secret that there are various applications in the world, some are written well and work correctly, some are written crookedly and discharge the smartphone before our eyes. One of the applications that are harmful to the smartphone’s battery is Facebook.

This social network wants to monitor its users, in fact, we can say that it is a full-fledged spy program trying to collect any information about you and your device. The reason is that with Facebook installed, the smartphone is discharged by 15-20%. It makes no sense to lose up to a fifth of the battery charge per application. But it is possible that your work is connected with this social network and you cannot refuse it.

Among the harmful is also Skype, but here the discharge occurs during operation, the battery melts before our eyes.

Free up space

Each smartphone stores not only important data and applications but also a bunch of unnecessary information. For example, old photos that have been backed up to Google Photos a long time ago. In addition, the application itself will offer you to remove them. The same goes for long-unnecessary apps. It is their presence on a smartphone that can cause its inhibited operation. So you need to review all your installed app and delete unnecessary ones. You can also clear the cache in the “Memory” section of the Settings. 

Removing antivirus and optimization programs

As strange as it may sound, the absence of antivirus protection in the phone can be more beneficial than its presence. Programs designed to prevent the launch of potentially dangerous files use system resources in their work, which can be used more useful. At the same time, you can protect your smartphone from viruses on your own – you just need to install software only from trusted sources and not agree to everything on suspicious sites.

Many experienced Android users recommend once and for all to forget about utilities for smartphone optimization, such as Clean Master and CCleaner, because they do not give the desired results, but only annoy with annoying ads and notifications, and also slow down your smartphone.

Download the dedicated app

On the Internet, there are a huge number of additional applications that allow you to clear background programs, cache and RAM with one click.  Additional features can include cleansing your device from various garbage making your device work much faster. In addition to optimization, it will increase free memory space by removing unused applications.

A Few Tips for Conserving Battery Power

 As is known, the operation of the device is impacted by the battery. Programs and applications with poor optimization can eat up the charge, and due to this, the whole system is slow downing. Follow these tips in order to optimize your battery:

●     Do not use a smartphone during severe frosts, many gadgets lose charge percent in a few minutes, some even turn off at minus 5;

●     Extremely hot temperatures negatively affect the smartphone’s battery. For example, a phone operating in hot weather exposed to the sun will experience severe overheating, which badly affects its life. Safe operating temperatures for lithium-ion batteries are -20 ° C to 60 ° C, while the safe charging temperature is lower: 0 ° C to 45 ° C.

●     Try to keep the charge between 30 and 80%. It will benefit your battery if you don’t fully utilize the charge cycle.


Yes, sometimes whatever you do and no matter how hard you try, your favorite smartphone does not stop slowing down and glitching. In this case, the only effective way to speed up its work is to reset the settings. Thus, you nullify all your actions and return the smartphone to its original state at the time of purchase. 

Optimization or acceleration of the device must be approached in a complex way since only together all the options will give you a 100% fast and optimized phone. These were the main methods by which you can optimize the performance of your device based on the Android operating system.

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