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COD: Warzone Fatal Error Crash on PC reported after Season 5 update! Issue under investigation!

Fatal Error‘ has come back to haunt PC gamers but not for all. The latest COD: Warzone Season 5 update is crashing nearly every other game. Players are facing a crash immediately after the launch of the game with a bunch of numbers displayed on the PC. With a click of the OK button, it turns off the game. 

The numerals displayed on the screen are different for individuals. Screen freeze issues are also reported after closing the error message. The Fatal crash is reported after few minutes of play with screen freeze.

The issue is not new for Call of Duty players. They have even gone to the extent of checking dump.dmp to fetch any valuable info. Unfortunately, it says “app crash: icue.exe”

The PC players after updating to Season 5 a few days ago have been stuck with the age-old issue. They have taken to the internet including Reddit and Twitter to escalate the issue.

Players have tried all possible ways out to come out of teh error and keep with their gameplay. This includes deleting the installed version, redownloading and install, disabling NVIDIA services, updating NVIDIA drivers, increasing VRAM limits and opting for safe mode. Some have even gone ahead with scan, repair, update of drivers, rollback, uninstall/reinstall of MW, Warzone and BO and BNet Launcher, disabled ASUS software and corsair software, turned off OC to stock. Literally, nothing worked for them and the game continued to crash after 2-5 min.

That literally sums up Call of Duty Warzone’s ‘fatal error’.

Players have even reported bugs on Trello Bug Report site of Activision and the critical has now been acknowledged by Raven Software. In a formal notification, the devs have said that the issue is under investigation by their team.

The devs have not confirmed an ETA to the issue and the scheduled next rollout. The bug has started to impact the streamers who feel that the issue has become rampant. It is rather annoying and PC players are demanding a fix as early as possible.

Do share with us if you are also encountering similar errors and any workarounds you have come across!

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