How to fix crashes and Palworld errors?


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Palworld has experienced a rapid surge in popularity on Steam, amassing an impressive player base of over 500,000 and solidifying its position as the second most-played game, second only to Counter-Strike 2. The game’s widespread appeal has catapulted it to the status of Steam’s best-selling game. However, the influx of players has strained the game’s servers, resulting in reported instability and potential user issues. Players eager to immerse themselves in this unique ‘Pokemon with guns’ adventure have encountered inevitable challenges like crashes stemming from the high player count and server limitations.

How to fix crashes and Palworld errors?

These Palworld errors include issues like black screens, difficulties in server creation, and various other errors, with the ‘Game Pass Not Working’ error emerging as a prevalent issue. Below, we offer straightforward solutions to address all the Palworld errors.

List of Palworld errors

Palworld, the game that introduces a unique blend of Pokémon-like creatures armed with guns, was launched on Xbox Game Pass and Steam in early access. The game’s success is notable, having sold an impressive 1 million copies within just 8 hours of release. With over 370,000 concurrent players, Palworld has earned its place among the top 25 all-time peak player counts on Steam.

Palworld exemplifies the positive outcomes that a well-polished game, priced reasonably at $30, can achieve, especially when coupled with the Game Pass advantage. The strategic launch timing, coinciding with a period of fewer new game releases, adds to its success.

For those who have yet to try the game, I recommend opting for Game Pass. This allows for a seamless gaming experience across various platforms, starting from your Xbox, transitioning to PC Game Pass for play on your ROG Ally or another mobile PC, and ultimately switching to your powerful PC gaming rig for the most immersive and intense battle sessions.

While Palworld is gaining recognition as an exciting survival action game, players are currently encountering a few errors that are impacting their gameplay experience.

How to fix crashes and Palworld errors?

Fix Palworld error- Palworld Game Pass Not Working Error

To address the Palworld issue on XBox, the recommended action is to perform a console reset. Follow these steps:

How to fix crashes and Palworld errors?
  1. Access the main menu on your Xbox and select Settings.
  2. Navigate to System and then click on Console Info.
  3. Choose the Reset Console option.
  4. Opt for the Reset and Keep My Games & Apps settings.

This process is designed to refresh your console without removing the game. After completing these steps, check to ensure that Palworld operates as intended.

To address the Game Pass Not Working error in Palworld on PC, you can try verifying and repairing your game files using the following steps:

How to fix crashes and Palworld errors?
  1. Launch the Palworld game on your PC.
  2. Find Palworld in your game library.
  3. Right-click on the game and select “Manage.”
  4. Go to the “Files” tab and click on “Verify and Repair.”
  5. Allow the process to complete.

Fix Palworld error- “Failed to host the multiplayer session”

This error is likely a result of the substantial influx of players, causing strain on the servers and difficulty meeting the demand. The suggested approach is to persevere in attempting to connect or wait for a few hours to see if the developers can deploy additional servers. If you encounter any other issues with the game, refer to the Palworld status page for the latest updates on known issues and available fixes.

If you’re facing challenges hosting a multiplayer session in Palworld, consider the following suggestions from the community:

How to fix crashes and Palworld errors?
  1. Attempt Hosting Multiple Times: Some players have found success by persistently trying to host their multiplayer session several times. While it may be a bit repetitive, repeated attempts could eventually lead to a successful connection. Pocket Pair developers have acknowledged this approach, noting that “Some users have reported success in attempting to connect 2-3 times or waiting after launching the game.”
  2. Restart the Game: A quick solution to explore is to completely close the game, whether it’s on Steam or your Xbox, and then relaunch it. This simple step may help resolve connectivity issues.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable. In any server-related issue, having a smooth internet connection is essential when trying to host a multiplayer session in Palworld.
  4. Play at Off-Peak Hours: As officially announced by Pocket Pair, server instability due to a high number of concurrent players can result in connection problems. To alleviate this, consider scheduling gameplay sessions with friends during off-peak hours. Playing when the servers are less crowded has proven to be an effective way to avoid issues arising from busy online servers in Palworld.

Fix Palworld error- ‘OnCreateSessionComplete Delegate bWasSuccessful == False’

Encountering this error is common when trying to establish a multiplayer world upon the initial launch of Palworld. To resolve this, you have two choices: either disable multiplayer and proceed with world creation, or persist in attempting to create the world, as success may come after several tries. In my case, it took five attempts before the world was successfully created.

Fix Palworld error- Not Found Session 91

The error code “Not Found Session 91” appears when players attempt to join a server that either does not exist or has multiplayer turned off. To resolve this issue, players can join a different server or contact the host to ensure that multiplayer is enabled for the affected world.

Fix Palworld error- Black Screen on Launch

Encountering the “Black Screen on Launch” issue involves users getting stuck with a black screen upon initiating the game. To resolve this bug, it is advised to wait for a minimum of 10 minutes, as the developers have noted that the game may go idle during this time after launch. This patience is key to allowing the loading process to complete successfully.

Fix Palworld error- UE Pal – Exception Access Violation Crash

PC players may experience a “UE Pal Crashed – Exception Access Violation” error summary when encountering crashes to the desktop while playing Palworld. While an official fix is not yet available, a potential workaround is to verify your game files. This verification process applies to both the Steam and Xbox Game Pass versions of Palworld.

Fix Palworld error- BP Class Human Error Pop Up

When encountering the Syndicate Thug Human in Palworld and opting to “View Details,” a BPClass Human error pop-up may appear. Although this can be initially jarring, the issue is easily resolved by selecting “OK.” It’s important to be aware that choosing this option may result in the Syndicate Thug appearing with a missing in-game model.

Fix Palworld error- Memory Drug Reset Bug

There is a known bug associated with the Memory Drug Reset item in Palworld. When used, this item reduces players’ Catch Power, and currently, there is no solution to reverse this effect. Given the absence of a fix at the moment, players are recommended to avoid crafting and using this item as a precaution.

Fix Palworld error- Guild Save File Deletion Bug

There is a current bug in Palworld that can result in a dedicated server (or a Guild’s server) becoming inaccessible. Unfortunately, there is no established fix for this bug at the moment, except for a workaround that involves backing up and deleting player save files to regain access.

Keep a close eye on updates from Palworld’s developers, Pocketpair, for any information regarding developments related to this save-impacting bug.

Fix Palworld error- “Prevented from playing online multiplayer”

In straightforward terms, the issue is rooted in the game’s servers and doesn’t necessarily indicate problems with your PC or console. Palworld is undergoing some initial challenges during its early access phase (as of January 2024), and it’s expected that these challenges might become more pronounced as the player base expands or when numerous users attempt to access the game simultaneously.

Fix Palworld error- Palworld No password entered

To fix the “Pal World Error ‘No password has been entered’,” players should delete the entered password in the text field and then join the server. Subsequently, they can re-enter the password into the text field to resume playing on that password-protected server or game.

Another workaround suggested by players for personal servers involves closing and reopening them. This allows players to log in and invite others, but it comes with the drawback of requiring the server to restart each time a new player wants to join.

How do you check Palworld server status?

You can also monitor the real-time server status for Palworld to check for any ongoing issues. Simply visit the Palworld server status page for up-to-date information on the current server conditions.

If you still face challenges when attempting to host a multiplayer session in Palworld, we recommend revisiting the previously mentioned methods periodically. Pocket Pair has assured the community that they are actively working to resolve server issues, offering hope for a prompt resolution to these errors.

This concludes our guide on addressing the possible and different Palworld errors. The provided methods offer potential solutions to resolve issues. If these steps do not produce the desired results, it is recommended to wait until the servers stabilize for a more seamless gaming experience.

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