Fake Download FAU-G Game & Do Pre-Registration Apps In Plenty. Beware Of Them!


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After the PUBG Mobile ban in India, many gamers started looking for alternatives. Many people flocked to Call of Duty: Mobile the closest competitor to PUBG Mobile at that moment. However, nCore games, a new Indian company that develops games announced FAU-G. FAU-G is the Indian take on the shooter genre on mobile and people expect it to be a PUBG Mobile alternative.

Akshay Kumar announced the game, FAU-G, soon after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile. Now, the creators of FAU-G have confirmed that the mobile game is coming to Google PlayStore as well as the iOS store in November. A game made in India and for Indians is strongly hoped to find a release on the day of Diwali – November 14th. Check-in detail all the official we have and also ongoing scam in terms of how to download FAU-G Game.

FAU-G Trailer Released

A couple of days ago, Akshay Kumar shared the first FAU-G Trailer. The teaser shows Indian soldiers in Galwan Valley engaged in hand-to-hand combat with what appears to be Chinese troops.

The teaser also presents the tagline of the game, “together we secure Bharat” and “we are Fearless and United Guards.

If you take a look at the teaser, like many others, you may think that the graphics look meh. However, it is the first mobile game made by nCore games, and PUBG mobile, at launch, looked vastly inferior to its current state. So, there is a high possibility that the game will improve as time passes and with the user feedback.

As expected, many people are comparing the game with PUBG Mobile. However, it seems that the game would be different from the popular battle royale game. As mentioned earlier, the game will include real-world locations and will show the real challenges faced by the Indian forces.

What is the FAUG Game about?

FAU-G looks like a third-person shooter that will probably depict the real threat that Indian soldiers face at the border. It might show how the troops work together and vanquish enemies who threaten the country, both from within the country and from foreign lands.

At the time of launch news, the owners had announced a nation of 20% of the revenue generated from the game to “Bharat Ke Veer Trust.” The Trust will helps the families of soldiers who laid their lives to protect the country. 

FAUG Game Requirements

FAU-G mobile, a shooter game’s size is stipulated to come in between 500 MB to 2 GB. It should need a basic 4GB RAM. As of now, the developers have not revealed the minimum requirements and exact release date for FAU-G. However, it will be available on iOS and Android platforms in November this year.

Downloading FAU-G Game?

Fake Download FAU-G Game & Do Pre-Registration Apps In Plenty. Beware Of Them!

As the release date of FAU-G is coming close, people are trying to scam gamers. These apps and even YouTube videos on how to download FAU-G Game and carry out pre-registration are floating.

There is no official confirmation on any of them. If you come across any such platforms, don’t fall into the trap. If you go to the Google PlayStore, you will notice that many fake apps with the same name are present on the platform.

FAU-G Game Pre-Registration Scam?

There are reports that a Chinese platform called Tap tap has started FAU-G game pre-registration. This app is not associated with the developers of FAU-G, nCore games, and is probably stealing user data. A member of the nCore Games has implored Google to remove these fake apps from the store.

So, don’t fall into any such traps and download the official FAU-G game once nCore Games releases it in November. We don’t have any details about the launch date, but we will update it here as soon as we here it from the developers

Are you hyped about FAU-G gameplay? What do you expect from the game and what you want nCore Games to add to the games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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