How to Create and Use ‘Add Yours’ Stickers on TikTok


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TikTok users have been buzzing with curiosity as a mysterious new button has appeared on their profiles, labeled ‘Add Yours.’ As the app is known for constantly introducing new features to keep its platform fresh and engaging, this latest addition is generating excitement among users.

Unfortunately, the details of what the ‘Add Yours’ button does remain undisclosed in the given text. TikTok has a history of rolling out features gradually to different user groups, and this could be another such instance. It’s common for social media platforms to test and introduce various features to enhance user experience and encourage more interaction on the platform.

As of now, users are eagerly awaiting an official announcement from TikTok or further information to unveil the purpose and functionality of this mysterious button. Until then, the excitement and speculation among TikTok users are likely to grow as they anticipate what new possibilities this feature might bring to the popular video-sharing platform.

What is ‘Add Yours’ Sticker on TikTok?

‘Add Yours’ button on TikTok seems like an exciting new feature that allows users to create prompt stickers for others to interact with. This feature is similar to Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ feature, where users can respond to prompts on Stories with photos or videos.

With ‘Add Yours,’ TikTok users can get creative by coming up with engaging prompts containing text, such as ‘your best July moments so far’ or ‘five pictures with your most important person.’ They can then add their own photos or videos that relate to the caption. Other TikTok users can click on the prompt and participate by adding their own pictures.

How to Create and Use 'Add Yours' Stickers on TikTok

This new feature is replacing the Q&A button, which allows viewers to ask creators questions to gain more insights into their content and personalities.

By incorporating the ‘Add Yours’ button, TikTok is likely aiming to enhance user engagement and interaction, encouraging users to create more interactive and community-driven content on the platform. It provides an opportunity for users to express themselves creatively and connect with others through shared experiences and prompts.

As with any new feature, it will be interesting to see how TikTok users embrace and utilize the ‘Add Yours’ button to foster a more vibrant and dynamic community on the platform.

How to use the ‘Add Yours’ sticker on TikTok?

To use the ‘Add Yours’ feature on TikTok, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Look for the ‘Add Yours’ button, which should appear below your TikTok bio. Tap on it to start creating your prompt sticker.
  3. Press ‘New prompt’ to begin creating your prompt sticker.
  4. Write the text for your prompt in the provided text box. For example, you can write something like ‘Your best July moments so far’ or ‘Five pictures with your most important person.’
  5. Once you’ve entered your chosen text, tap ‘Done’ to proceed.
  6. Now, you can add photos or videos that are related to the prompt you just created. You can select these media files from your device’s gallery or record new videos directly from within the TikTok app.
  7. After adding the photos or videos, you can move the prompt sticker to the desired position on your video. You can drag and place it anywhere on the screen.
  8. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, press ‘Next’ to proceed to the next step.
  9. On the following screen, you can further edit your TikTok video, such as adding captions, effects, or music.
  10. When you’re done editing, you can proceed to post your TikTok video. You can either share it with your followers or choose the appropriate privacy settings for your video.
  11. Tap ‘Post’ to publish your TikTok video with the ‘Add Yours’ prompt sticker.

Now, your followers and other TikTok users will be able to click on the prompt sticker and participate by adding their own photos or videos related to your prompt. It creates a fun and interactive way to engage with your audience and build a community around shared interests or experiences. Enjoy using the ‘Add Yours’ feature and have fun exploring the creative responses from others!

How to generate random prompts using ‘Add Yours’ Sticker on TikTok

If you’re ever unsure about what to write as your prompt, TikTok has you covered with its random prompt generator. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. When prompted to write your text for the ‘Add Yours’ sticker, you’ll see a dice icon.
  2. Click on the dice icon, and TikTok will generate random prompt options for you.
  3. Next to the dice icon, you’ll see different prompt options that have been generated.
  4. Choose the prompt that you like by clicking on it, and it will be added to your sticker.

Some of the random prompt options that TikTok offers include:

  • Flowers you captured
  • What you’re doing now
  • Reason you’re single
  • Meals you’ve cooked yourself
  • Delicious food
  • The last video on your phone

By using the random prompt generator, you can have fun exploring various ideas and themes to inspire your TikTok content. It takes away the guesswork and helps you create engaging prompts that your followers and other TikTok users can interact with.

So, the next time you’re looking for some creative inspiration for your TikTok videos, don’t forget to give the random prompt generator a try! It’s an excellent way to add variety and excitement to your content and foster more interaction within the TikTok community. Happy TikTok-ing!

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