BitfinityFX Review 2021: How This Broker Drew My Attention! Read My Personal Experience


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When I started trading at the age of twenty, I was not much aware of the industry and its offer. After all, I was still a novice at trading. I had to learn the ropes the hard way by trading through many ups and downs.

At that time, I joined my cousin, who has been doing this for several years already. He was not much help because he would just tell me how it went without giving me enough details about it.

My first trading experience was a disaster, and I lost all of the money my father gave me to start trading. It was like starting from scratch again because my father did not give me more funds after that failure. Luckily, I am persistent and ended up with a positive outcome of $200 for every dollar I risked. This is also what happened to me recently when I decided to reinvest the profits from my forex trading.

Recently, I discovered a great platform with great tools and features that the newer generation would benefit from a lot. BitfinityFX has been a good broker to me so far. Trading with them has been an eye-opening experience for me which is why I wanted to write a complete review of the broker for others to learn how it has been great for me.

My Experience with BitfinityFX

I visited their website and signed up for an account without much knowledge about the market. I thought that this was my chance to get in before the ball started rolling. In hindsight, this was probably one of the best decisions I have made because, as a beginner, it would be easier to learn with them than any other beginner-friendly broker out there.

Even without knowing much about the market, I was able to utilize automated trading features. The built-in feature made it possible for me to trade almost effortlessly even though I was a noob at this game because nobody taught me how to trade here in my country. Through the years, I have learned through my own experience and online research. I am glad to be able to put that knowledge to good use with BitfinityFX.

Customer Service

What’s great about this broker is their highly responsive customer support staff which you can contact at any time. They answer every question patiently without looking like they are in a hurry to get rid of you. If anything, I was quite impressed with how helpful and humble they are when providing answers.

With their customer support team by my side, I managed to trade in the right direction, which eventually led me to profit in just a matter of weeks. And this was even though I had to battle the usual first-timer struggles like for example:

*Lack of education and knowledge about trading. *Unawareness about how automated trading works. *Fear of messing up with my very first withdrawals.

I overcame those obstacles by following their instructions to the letter and utilizing their platform as much as I could. There was even a time when I was having second thoughts about trading because the market was pretty much unpredictable in my case. However, their customer support representative gave me advice on how to counter this kind of scenario effectively.

I found out later on that they have been helping other traders with similar issues for several years already with excellent results. Again, it is all because of their years of experience in this industry that they can help beginners like me.

How I Maximized My Earnings

BitfinityFX is a relatively new broker where it only started operating a few years back. However, what surprises me the most about the company is its long-term vision for success and its delivery of those promises. In other words, they have been around for a long time compared to other brokers out there, which is why I trust them as a broker despite being new to me.

One thing that helped me maximize my earnings from trading with BitfinityFX was their multiple accounts feature, which allows you to try how automated trading works before putting real money down. Their demo accounts feature convinced me to trust them with my own money, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

I can now use automated trading even in real-time market conditions, which is exactly what I needed because it will give me an edge over other traders. The bitcoin price is always on the rise, and you can expect it to go even higher this year. It is a digital currency that will probably be used in the future for international payments and transactions. This is what I would like to focus on with BitfinityFX moving forward, aside from trading, of course!

What is the Security like with BitfinityFX?

I have never felt the need to read about BitfinityFX’s security features because it has been smooth sailing with them all along. Even though I was just starting at that time, they were already looking after me by preventing hackers from accessing my account. My personal information is kept safe while trading on their platform, which I think is something that everyone will appreciate.

The company takes security seriously because they want their traders to feel confident when trading with them. Therefore, they invested in state-of-the-art technology and implemented strict internal controls to protect clients from identity theft, unauthorized transfers, hacking attacks, etc.

I have found out about this kind of security feature online and was able to experience it for myself. BitfinityFX takes great pride in the security they provide, and I realized that this is quite rare among renowned brokers these days!

BitfinityFX – Results Before My Very Eyes

I have acquired enough knowledge about bitcoin to establish a decent profit by just trading it. But what made me go “wow” with BitfinityFX was the results I saw when I started making actual deposits and withdrawals. That was when they were able to prove their worth in terms of how automated trading works for beginners like me.

I only deposited a small amount at first without expecting too much from them but ended up getting a lot more than that after a short period. The minimum amount they require from a new trader is $250, and you have to have a bitcoin wallet to transfer funds instantaneously for them to process your account right away.

They don’t have a mobile application, but I am sure they are working on it. Other than that, I have nothing but praises for the company, which has exceeded my expectations. They are set apart from other brokers because they are extremely transparent and straightforward about what they do and how you can benefit from it as a beginner trader.

Their platform is amazing, and I can see myself sticking with them for a long time to come!

BitfinityFX – First Class Service

Customer support is a major focus of BitfinityFX, which is very important for any broker out there. They have a 24/7 support service where you can contact them anytime, giving their traders peace of mind even during critical market conditions.

I used the live chat feature once to ask about their margins, and it was easy to communicate with them. I was pleased to find out that they can provide efficient service even with all the traffic they have on their platform.

During market hours, you will always find busy traders but never too occupied for newcomers like me. They could answer all my questions without any hesitation, and I had no problem sharing my thoughts with them because they were very patient.

I am also glad that they can speak English fluently, which is not common among foreign brokers. All these reasons made me feel like I am in the right place at the right time, and BitfinityFX deserves all the credit for this!

Features: Chart, Tools and Assets

What I like about their platform is how it looks like a Google Chrome extension. It has the same layout, and all the information you need are right in front of your eyes. The tools they have are very useful too, but I think beginners may take some time getting used to them before effectively using them for trading purposes.

As mentioned earlier, I started trading with this company in less than a month. The number of assets they have is limited, but only because it is appropriate for beginners who are still learning about the market. Once you get the hang of everything, you can expect them to broaden their collection, which will allow traders to be more flexible with their trades.

All in all, I am very happy with the services provided by BitfinityFX, which has made it one of my top choices when deciding where to invest in bitcoins.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.


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