Famous Memes that Made Internet Laugh


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In time, viral memes develop their unique personality after being widely shared. They’re a constant source of amusement for everyone who sees them. Nowadays, even viral memes are being utilized in marketing! We think that you’re aware by now that some firms and businesses use social media marketing through memes.

The fun factor returns when someone tweaks them a tad from time to time. If your goal is to connect with your audience on social media, you’ll need to do more than tell an exciting story or post a great anecdote.

Without memes, no amount of time spent on Facebook would be worthwhile. Similarly, Instagram is a collection of self-portraits and altered food shots.

Without some of the internet’s most hilarious memes and compilation of pranks (some even using funny soundboards), the internet would be a gloomy wasteland of boring news updates, dubious research, and self-promotional social media posts.

The content of a meme is typically trivial, such as dad jokes, urban legends, TV series (like Arthur, which has spawned its genre of memes), movie references, and human and animal peculiarities. However, sometimes memes may demonstrate a deep artistic or musical curiosity or convey philosophical concepts.

Bernie Sanders Wearing Mittens Sitting in a Chair

Famous Memes that Made Internet Laugh

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders attended Joe Biden’s inauguration wearing a coat and gloves, in stark contrast to other participants who wore more traditional attire. Brendan Smialowski of Getty Images shared an image of Sanders sitting at the inauguration wearing his coat and mittens that day.

Bernie Sanders Is Dressed in Mittens Sitting on a Chair alludes to the various jokes and photoshops created from images of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wearing a coat and mittens attending Joe Biden’s Inauguration. A photograph of Sanders wrapped up in a chair was transformed into an image macro and exploitable series.

Left Exit 12 Off Ramp

Left Exit 12 Off Ramp depicts a vehicle drifting towards an off-ramp. The author of the meme photoshops something they dislike onto the highway sign and replaces it with something they enjoy. The car swerves in the direction of the preference.

Success Kid

Famous Memes that Made Internet Laugh

Success Kid is an Internet meme depicting a baby with a determined facial expression gripping a mouthful of sand. It debuted in 2007 and was later dubbed “Success Kid.” CNN described Sammy Griner, the boy represented in the photo, as “possibly the Internet’s most famous infant” due to the image’s popularity. In early 2011, the original image was transformed into an advised animal-style image macro with subtitles describing an unexpected outcome.

Apart from its widespread use on social media, the image has been licensed for commercial purposes and used by the White House to urge immigration reform. In 2015, the Griner family utilized it to raise funds for their father’s kidney transplant via a GoFundMe campaign.

Evil Kermit

Evil Kermit is a captioned image series depicting Kermit the Frog conversing with his foe Constantine, who is costumed as a Sith Lord from Star Wars and advises him to commit various decadent, lazy, selfish, and unethical activities.

Woman Yelling at a Cat

Famous Memes that Made Internet Laugh

Woman Yelling at a Cat is a meme format that features a screen capture of Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, followed by a photo of a confused-looking cat sitting behind a dinner plate. It was around mid-June 2019 that the meme format became the most popular meme and the cat was later recognized as Smudge the Cat.

“Malibu Beach Party From Hell” is episode 14 of season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards tries to console Taylor Armstrong, a cast member, during an argument.

It all started on 19th June 2018 when Tumblr user, deadbefordeath released the picture of a white cat sitting in a chair wearing a bewildered expression sitting. Almost 50,000 likes and reblogs in a year.

But That’s None of My Business

After making an offensive or disparaging remark about a specific person or group, the phrase “But That’s Not My Business” is sometimes used as a postscript. The term was popularized through image macros involving Kermit the Frog from The Muppets and jokes about social faux-pas and questionable behavior.

This is Fine

K.C. Green’s Gunshow comic #648, titled “The Pills Are Working” or “On Fire,” initially published on January 9th, 2013, is the source of the comic. Staredad, Dickbutt, Mother of God, and I’m Okay With This are memes based on Green’s artwork. It depicts a dog whose room is engulfed in flames. Yet, even as he slowly succumbs to the heat, the dog remains composed.

Distracted Boyfriend

In the case of this meme, the source of inspiration is a stock image. In 2015, photographer Antonio Guillem captured this shot and posted it to iStock. Although popular, the image was not widely distributed for two years. Therefore, captions that represent real-world distractions are added to the image.

Following months of popularity, this meme was even forbidden from use in a recruitment company’s advertisement, highlighting its offers’ attractiveness compared to the viewers’ present jobs at the end of 2018.

Memes are here to stay

Increasing the virality of internet memes can be ascribed to digital technology. Internet memes, unlike offline memes, will never completely disappear because of digital technologies. There is no doubt that they will always be available in digital form. A Google search is all that is needed to keep an online meme alive, but only those that remain culturally relevant will be able to thrive.

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