A Useful Guide: What It Takes to Become a Pro in PUBG


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The game that started it all; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sparked a revolution and basically created a new genre of competitive gaming. The matches are endless replayable as you scavenge for weapons and are never sure what kind of gear you might end up with. You can choose where you start out on the map to an extent, but you are at the mercy of the changing zones.

However, whether you’re just getting into the game or have been fighting for a while and are looking to get more Chicken Dinners, here are some tips to survive and outlast like a pro in PUBG.

Mind Your Surroundings

This one may seem obvious, but always keep an eye out on what’s around you and on which sightlines you are exposed and where you are behind cover. While it may be tempting to run into a building for cover, structures are also obvious hideouts and anyone venturing into one is checking their corners and on full alert for an encounter. Plus, small rooms are perfect spots for a grenade ambush.

However, if you are in the field, a good grassy hill can be just as good cover as any concrete wall. When you stop to get your bearings, make sure you have some natural cover like trees or outcroppings of rocks or dips in terrain that will protect you from gunfire but where the enemy is not necessarily expecting you. It also allows you to spot a player running between cover and you can ambush them.

A Useful Guide: What It Takes to Become a Pro in PUBG


Speaking of cover, sometimes camping out in a bush is still a valid strategy. While it’s not hardcover like a ridge, tree, or wall, the convenient foliage of a bush can still effectively conceal you and you’ll be surprised by how many people run by you, only to get shot by a bush and never know what happened. Of course, if someone sees you go into the bush, there is no hardcover to protect you so don’t get too cocky when taking this type of option.

Run With The Circle

Near the late game, it may be tempting to see the final circle and look to find a good spot in the middle to make your last stand and pick off players running for cover. However, if you’re in the middle of the circle, you might actually be easier prey than you think as you have to watch your full 360 surroundings as the final players make their way towards you.

Alternatively, if you’re coming in with the shrinking circle, you actually don’t need to worry about what’s behind you as chances are there’s nobody coming in from your six. Instead, you know the danger lies ahead of you and there’s less danger of being ambushed from your blindspot.

Run Away

Sometimes running away isn’t cowardly, it’s smart. Oftentimes you find yourself in an encounter and you have a split second to take in what’s happening and make a decision to either commit to the firefight or run away to fight another day. If the other player has better gear and guns, maybe don’t put your skills to the test but book it out of there and see if you can put some distance or cover between you and your assailant. However, if you come upon some poor dude with a pistol and no helmet while you have an AWM and the high ground, engage away.


If you start getting shot at and have no idea where the shooter is, the voice in your head should be shouting “serpentine!” Zig-zag like your life depends on it because it probably does. Your instincts might be to go prone when fired upon but that doesn’t really change your situation. Instead, your best option is to break line-of-sight without getting shot some more.


If you want to tip the scales and want that Chicken Dinner so bad that you can taste it, IWantCheats has PUBG hacks that let you see enemies at all times and aim assists that help you take players out fast. When you download the PUBG hacks to your system you open the cheat menu and set up your aimbot key. Now when you boot the game you can see all the enemies marked with a red square.

Meanwhile, Your PUBG aimbot keeps you locked on target until the enemy goes down. However, while you may be having fun, it certainly won’t make other player’s day when they keep losing to you. And if you take the risk and get banned, IWantCheats even offers full refunds.

In the end, unless you’re cheating, the best way to get better at PUBG is to know the best strategies and tips and put them into practice. There are a lot of variables to consider but knowing some good rules of thumb will keep you alive and hopefully ending up with more Chicken Dinners.

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