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7 ways tech tools can support the educational process

When you look at a regular classroom environment, you tend to think education hasn’t changed much over the years. The setting seems more or less the same as it has always been: a teacher standing at the front of the classroom, holding a lecture, while the students sit in rows in front of him, hanging on his every word (or at least that’s what they should be doing).

But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice some things are different. Devices such as school projectors, laptops or tablets have entered the scene in modern classrooms, bringing along a series of changes with them.

Technology has undoubtedly found its way into every aspect of our lives, and education makes no exception. We no longer turn page after page in search of answers, when we can find all the information we need with just a few clicks. We now have access to more resources than ever before and tech tools make teaching and learning infinitely easier.

Some might argue that technology can turn into a distraction that might hinder the educational process. However, if implemented correctly, tech tools can become valuable assets that can support and improve educational efforts. Here are 7 ways EdTech can make life easier for both students and teachers.

Better communication

Effective communication is a two-way street, and that’s especially important in education. Traditional classrooms usually put the teacher at the center of the process and place students in the role of the receivers. Tech tools encourage open communication and interaction between teachers and students, allowing information to flow in both directions.

They offer various channels of communication, turning the classroom into a complex network where everyone can share and receive information as required. Technology doesn’t only facilitate the teacher-student interactions, but also the communication between peers, thus creating a much more productive collaborative space.


Sometimes, life can get in the way of academic pursuits and make it harder to receive the education you want. Not everyone can afford to travel and attend classes in person. For those who have to juggle a job, family life or other responsibilities, but still want to continue their education, online courses can be the better (and sometimes the only) option.

Enrolling in online classes gives students the opportunity to fit learning around their busy schedule and receive the same education as other students. A lot of educational institutions now offer alternative online educational programs to give everyone the chance to obtain a degree. What’s more, some colleges even give students the option to combine in-person and online learning, so they can create a learning program that meets their needs.

Easy access to resources

Going to the library is still a great way to get started with research, but now most libraries also have computers to help students study. When you need to find a certain piece of information, you’ll be able to locate it with no effort with the help of a search engine. Tech tools give students access to countless resources that would otherwise remain out of reach.

A time-consuming research process can be reduced to a few clicks, allowing students to focus on more important aspects of their learning journey. Also, study material doesn’t look like a stack of books that students need to carry along with them from class to class anymore. Tablets and eBooks have taken their place, saving them of all the hassle.

Education beyond the classroom

EdTech takes things one step further, making learning an on-going process. You can learn anytime, anywhere, be it for personal or professional reasons. You can expand your knowledge on any subject under the sun.

The internet offers a wealth of information and easy access to countless learning resources to quench everyone’s thirst of knowledge. You can take online tuition classes, watch tutorials on different topics, read research papers, get expert advice etc. As long as you have internet access, you’ll be able to keep on learning and broaden your horizons.

Customized pace of study

Learning takes time, but different people study at different paces. Some need more time to grasp a subject, others can keep up with the educational curriculum, while certain students are always one step ahead of everyone else. In a traditional classroom, there would be no distinction between these types of students and they would all follow the same schedule.

However, tech tools give teachers the possibility to tailor the program in order to fit each student’s requirements. The classes can be recorded and posted online and the information can be delivered in various forms so that every student can study at his own pace and choose the learning techniques that match his needs.

Fun and engaging learning

Who said learning has to be tedious and boring? Technology can turn to learn into a fun and entertaining experience. Students can now learn in engaging and interactive ways through various apps, and retain new concepts much faster.

It’s hard to absorb information when you have to study a dry subject, but even the most boring learning material can become entertaining if the information is delivered in the right manner. Including tutorial videos, quizzes or interactive games in the educational program can make the learning process more entertaining and effective.

Time-saving approach

From research to feedback and progress tracking, technology can help both students and teachers save precious time. Using tech tools, students have all the resources and information at their fingertips and teachers can receive fast feedback, follow their pupils’ progress in real-time and step in whenever a student needs more help or guidance.

Communication is made easier as everyone can share ideas, opinions and collaborate through various channels. Students can work on their assignments together or finish their projects much faster as time and space constraints become less important when technology facilitates all their interactions.

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