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Best Money Making App For Android- Download Google Task Mate Referral Code


Google Task Mate app is built on the lines of the Opinion Rewards app. It is a means to earn credit on the Google Play Store while answering questions. However, TaskMate app is slightly different and lucrative in terms of mode of payout. It offers an unusual proposal of earning “real” money in local currency instead of normal play store credits. The tasks are very simple and the app should fill the void created by TikTok.

Google Task Mate referral code will help in earning rewards in “real” money. The tasks can be easily done on a smartphone while sitting at home or visiting a nearby place. Some examples cited on the Task Mate app’s page are “record spoken sentences,” “take photos of shopfronts,” or “transcribe sentences.”

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The remuneration per task, type of task, degree of difficulty, any capping, any timeframe, or underlying conditions are not clear yet. From the screengrabs, one can make out the example of translating 10 sentences in the local language. On completion of the task, Google will pay $0.50.

The only concrete information is the users will be rewarded in INR and money will be transferred to a configured bank account via a third party service. It will happen once the user is content with winnings and opt for “cash out” to withdraw the money. In the future, Google can tie-up with banks for direct digital transfers.

The app’s support page sets the initial ground rules. Expect Google to focus more on quality and effectiveness rather than timeliness and quantity. If you master Google’s stringent requirements, then Task Mate will turn out to be the best money making App for Android.

“You get tasks based on your performance, which includes factors such as your accuracy and whether you have previously violated any of our policies,” “When your performance increases or pending tasks are reviewed, you get new tasks. When a requester needs more work done and adds them to the platform, you should find more tasks.” Some tasks also require specific “skill sets.”

The app is currently in the Early Access beta testing model on the Play Store in India and Kenya. Google has restricted the rollout. It has been sent to selected testers who have access to Task Mate Referral Code. Do not believe Task Mate invitation codes till a stable rollout happens and you receive one from Google. Google has requested the app to be downloaded only if one has a Task Mate invitation code. The codes are limited and they cannot extend further invites to everyone.

We know that you are eager to receive the code and get started in exchange for Google paying you to do tasks with your smartphone. Drop-in your plans and raise the bar of excitement!



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