Are there any confirmed clues for the hidden $25K Utah Treasure Hunt 2023? Check them out


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Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure with a chance to win $25,000? The annual Utah Treasure Hunt 2023 is back another year, organized by David Cline and John Maxim. Best of all, it’s free for anyone to participate! All you need is your adventurous spirit and sharp wits to decipher the clues leading to this year’s hidden treasure in Utah.

The game enters its sixth week since the start of the fourth annual Utah Treasure Hunt, and the elusive chest holding $25,000 continues to elude eager participants. To assist treasure-seekers, organizers Dave Cline and John Maxim, both hailing from Utah, have released an additional set of hints. The initial clues were presented in the form of a captivating poem, sparking excitement and anticipation among participants. Let’s delve into the enigmatic verses and unravel the secrets they hold.

Utah Treasure Hunt 2023 poem

Are there any confirmed clues for the hidden $25K Utah Treasure Hunt 2023? Check them out

The treasure is still out there somewhere. It’s been six weeks since the two men behind the Utah Treasure Hunt hid $25,000. Thousands of people have been looking for treasure chest.

Every year, the Utah Treasure Hunt revolves around an intriguing poem that holds the key to the hidden treasure. Your ability to think creatively and decode the clues concealed within the verses will be essential. Throughout the duration of the challenge, weekly hints will be provided to aid you in your search. Without further ado, let’s embark on the adventure and delve into the enigmatic poem for the 2023 Utah Treasure Hunt.

Are there any confirmed clues for the hidden $25K Utah Treasure Hunt 2023? Check them out
Credit – Utah Treasure

What are Utah Treasure Hunt clues?

Let’s dive into the clues revealed so far and embark on this thrilling quest together.

Over the past few weeks, David and John have been sharing hints with their social media followers to assist in the Utah Treasure Hunt. These clues, combined with the poem, offer guidance toward the treasure’s location. Let’s review the clues discovered so far, along with the answers suggested by some treasure hunters:

  1. In line 7 of the poem, it advises looking down at your map to avoid wandering aimlessly when thirsty. This suggests that everything before this line could be solved without leaving your home.
  2. It seems that in line 5 of the poem, the phrase “Pass the grain tower” is not meant to be taken literally as a reference to an actual grain tower. Instead, it alludes to something manmade. This clue suggests that you should consider alternative interpretations and think creatively about what this reference could represent in order to advance your search for the treasure.
  3. If you happened to miss it, there is a video posted by Element United that you should watch. It has the potential to provide valuable insights into the order of things related to the Utah Treasure Hunt. By watching the video, you may gain further clarity and understanding regarding the sequence or arrangement of elements that will aid you in your quest for the hidden treasure. Be sure to check it out and incorporate any relevant information into your ongoing search.
  4. The phrase “Two less than on the top of the first” indicates a physical object atop something else. Determine what that object is and perform simple arithmetic, likely involving elementary school-level math.
  5. The word “HOUR” in the sixth line has multiple meanings. One interpretation is that the chest is hidden approximately 60 feet off the path, although not measured precisely.
  6. While not necessary to solve the poem, there is a direct quote from another movie within the poem that could provide some assistance when the time comes.
  7. The treasure is not hidden in the snow. If you find yourself trudging through a snowy trail, you are in the wrong location.
  8. The chest is not located inside any cabins, sheds, or structures. It awaits discovery in nature.
  9. The entire treasure hunt takes place within specified boundaries, including all the clues in the poem.
  10. The Galena Soo’nkahni Preserve is not where the treasure can be found.
  11. The movie recommendation “Back to the Future” is relevant to only one line of the poem, offering additional guidance.
  12. The line mentioning “Crack open the books” does not refer to specific books but emphasizes that research will be necessary to find the treasure.
  13. An exclusive clue shared with ABC4 suggests brushing up on Utah history as a starting point for required research.

Remember that only hints labeled as “official clues” in Instagram Stories and posts should be considered as part of the puzzle.

To accommodate participants’ requests, the Utah Treasure Hunt 2023 organizers have compiled all the clues and reminders into a dedicated page called “Current Hints.” This page will be regularly updated, typically a couple of days after each clue is released. It serves as a centralized source of information, allowing participants to conveniently access and review all the clues provided thus far. Make sure to keep an eye on the “Current Hints” page to stay up-to-date and incorporate any new information into your treasure-hunting endeavors.

With these Utah Treasure Hunt 2023 clues in hand, we can combine them with the poem to further narrow down the location of the treasure. Let’s continue our quest!

Treasure Hunt Map 2023 Boundaries

Are there any confirmed clues for the hidden $25K Utah Treasure Hunt 2023? Check them out

David and John, the organizers of the Utah Treasure Hunt 2023, have recognized the vast expanse of Utah and have taken steps to narrow down the search area by updating the boundary map. This updated map now encompasses the region spanning from Salt Lake City to Provo, focusing the search within that particular area.

To provide participants with an “official clue” and further assistance, First Class Fireplace has shared a video accompanied by the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. This suggests that the popular Disney franchise might hold relevance to this year’s treasure quest. John has hinted on Instagram that watching this video posted by First Class Fireplace could help eliminate certain potential solutions, allowing participants to refine their search.

The boundary map, which is pictured below, visually illustrates the defined area within which the treasure is hidden, narrowing down the scope of exploration for participants. It covers the Salt Lake City area and extends southward towards Provo.

Please refer to the boundary map image to gain a better understanding of the specific region within which the treasure is located for the Utah Treasure Hunt 2023.

When someone finds the chest, we will announce it as soon as we can, So you can assume if we haven’t announced it’s been found, then the chest is still at large.” said the creators

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