Google finally solves problems of Pixel 3 and up with February 2021 update


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Sticking to the reputation of being prompt in rolling out updates, Google is ready for another OTA. This time it is with February 2021 Update on Pixel phones running on Android 11. Apart from a security update, the patch brings a number of fixes for the Google Pixel 3 smartphone onwards. Many Pixel owners will be looking forward to them. Have a look at what the release notes say!

Google finally solves problems of Pixel 3 and up with February 2021 update
Credit: Google Support

A long-standing issue reported from models Pixel 3 and up was sensor detection. It was first found in Android 10 that slipped into Android 11. The sensors stopped doing their job after the device reboot. Users found sensors nonresponsive in cases of double tap and lift detection

Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G would heave a sigh of relief on getting the February 2021 update. They had been struggling with touch sensitivity issues post December 2020 update. The bug was related more to the screen’s lack of response to touch. People found that screen touch specifically around the edges, including buttons and UI elements, was not working for them. In order to make any function work, the touch action had to be repeated many times.

The February 2021 OTA rollout will be done in phased manner. Notification for the same will be flashed once it reaches the smartphone.

There is another update for Pixel 5 users. For better connectivity and enhanced speed, FCC has given a go-ahead for activating C-Band in the US. The users will find only a software patch to activate C-Band. The hardware had already been designed to support it.

Post Android 11 update many issues had cropped up expectantly. A few which bothered them most were battery drain and bootloop issues. A resolution to the bug was passed over through subsequent patch updates. There was another burning and troublesome issue related to Google Pixel 5 AOD brightness bug on Pixel Stand. Though it got acknowledged, however, the fix is still away.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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