Gaming on Leaked Windows 11? Will the new OS exceed Windows 10 performance?


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With 4 more days to go to Microsoft’s new OS Windows 11 unravel event, it has predictably been leaked on a Chinese website. Yes, you read it right! Windows 11 is now unofficially available for download. Initially, it was only screengrabs on the Chinese website Baidu. Later on the complete Windows 11 leak, OS was discovered on the internet. It is claimed that the website 4chan g was the first to start it!

The leak has stirred up the hornet’s nest with a few YouTubers going ahead with downloading the ISO file and streaming Windows 11 update on their channel. Being influencers in their niche, they have obviously explored every new feature that the new OS brings in. Here, check out the first look at Windows 11, a new Start menu, rounded corners, a new startup sound!

One critical drawback of machines operated under Mac is their poor compatibility with games. Any version of Windows will give a better experience in terms of gaming than Mac could ever.

Whenever a new OS or a new OS update comes, one of the features worth testing out is the gaming experience it provides. Exploring high graphics games is one of the major focuses for most of them. So what’s new when it comes to gaming on Leaked Windows 11 or even cheap Windows keys? Is there any substantive reason to think that gaming on Windows 11 is going to be any different at all from Windows 10?

Future of Gaming on Leaked Windows 11

Windows 11 leak version hands-on experience says that it has brought more aesthetic UI changes. Be it cleaning up of the UI, the look and feel of Task Bar icons, it continues to give Windows 10 feel. Maybe, Microsoft is scared enough to change anything substantial on Windows. The only reason why people are still using this OS is compatibility with 20+ years of software and Microsoft will definitely not play around with the feelings.

The next generation of Windows is expected to be more smooth and faster when it comes to performance. The videos by influencers also reflect the same with the games launching instantly. It takes no time to reach the home page of the game unlike in other versions of Windows. Even in virtual machines/workstations, there is no scope of the game crashing during launch or in between gameplay.

Another point worth stating is the smoothness of Windows 11. One may expect less compatibility of high graphics games while using third-party workstations. But, that is not the case with Windows 11. The overall experience of gaming on Leaked Windows 11 is pretty smooth and steady.

New updates on the Xbox Series

At the event on June 24th, Sarah Bond, the vice president of Xbox, announced the series of new updates that will soon roll out with Windows 11. These updates are going to uplift the PC’s gaming performance and give users a never-before experience. Excited to know more about the new features? Read on.

Many of us have already got a taste of what Auto HDR is from its debut with the last new Xbox series. Well, Microsoft is all set to make a stable release of the Auto HDR feature in Windows 11. Can you imagine how much it would affect the overall gaming experience?

According to the Vice President of Xbox, this feature would automatically enhance thousands of games on DirectX 11 without any assistance from the player. All you need is an HDR-capable monitor or television that won’t compromise with the improved colors.

Another update that Windows 11 will bring later this year will include the feature- Direct Storage API. This feature will enable games to launch and load faster and would additionally support enhanced graphics. The new feature will open up scopes for game makers to expand their gaming worlds.

Lastly, Windows 11 is looking at ways of integrating the Xbox app more rooted to the system. The integrated support service of Xbox Cloud Gaming would make it possible for gamers to directly stream games on their PC. But, like usual, for cloud gaming, you will need to have a subscription.

Points to keep in mind:-

One thing that we should keep in mind is that the influencers have used a virtual workstation to install the software and explore. The system has been found to lag by a few seconds on Workstations. But the experience of working with Windows 11 on a real metal device might be different from Workstations. Expect almost zero lag when it comes to performance.

Overall it can be said on initial analysis, that the Windows 11 gameplay experience will be better than Windows 10.

It is also rumored that Microsoft will be allowing app stores to third-party commerce apps. Maybe the lawsuit with Epic Games against the Apple app store has prompted MS to take it up.

There is some news on XBOX integration with Windows 11 as well. As per The Verge’s Tom WarrenThe new Xbox app is now integrated into Windows 11 offering quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of Xbox network, and the Xbox store. The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode all remain the same as Windows 10 in this early leaked build.”

Windows 11 will be hitting the market soon. Windows 11 release date is happening in an event scheduled by Microsoft on June 24th. The event is going to announce what’s next for Windows. This is probably, where they will make the official announcement of Windows 11 going live soon. Microsoft execs have also been sending teasers on the “next generation of Windows” coming up!

Do keep in mind that every item has an expiry and Windows 10 will also retire soon. With this, we have come to the end of our discussion. That is all information we have for now. We will get back with more once the Windows 11 release is made official. Till then, stay in touch with us, and do not forget to share your expectations and excitement!

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