Google’s February Pixel update drops Wifi signal when phone sits idle! Here’s a potential workaround


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Google has started rolling out the February Pixel update for its eligible devices running on Android 12. It also carries the monthly security update. Whether you are the owner of a Pixel 3A or the flagship smartphone, Pixel 6 Pro- Google has announced the update to arrive on the entire family of Pixel devices. This update supposedly carries several bug fixes. The February Pixel update addresses fix for issues like Bluetooth, Camera and Connectivity issues.

According to many users, Google’s February Pixel update brings an end to issues of the annoying Pixel 6 keyboard as also persistent camera bugs which were ruining the flagship user experience. If you own a Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro, the new February Pixel update offers you the following fixes-

  • Fix for bug causing Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices to reboot while using camera.
  • Great improvements to the Bluetooth audio quality for selected codecs.
  • Fix for audio playback disconnecting with Bluetooth devices connected to your Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
  • Fix for the Pixel keyboard covering up the text you are typing in certain circumstances.

Apart from the Pixel 6 series, the previous Pixel models are also receiving updates. The keyboard fix included in the Pixel update of February 2022 is arriving on the Pixel devices running on Android 12. This means all the smartphones- Pixel 3a, 4, 4a, 5 and 5a are eligible.

After the last December update fiasco for Pixel devices, users are reluctant to install the February Pixel update. In fact, the last update claimed to bring a substantial amount of improvements and bug fixes ended up getting paused by the tech giant. Major connectivity issues were reported by Pixel owners. According to Google’s Official update page, connectivity issues for specific carrier networks fix is limited to the Pixel 4, 4a and 5 devices.

Apparently, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users are also getting an update in February. Since the update has not arrived yet for these 2 models, it is safe to assume the update contains the final bug fixes that everyone has been waiting for since November.

Google’s beginning of the rolling out of the Pixel update of February 2022 has definitely attended to the problems that Pixel device users had been experiencing for quite a while now. However, the latest update has also given rise to a drop in WiFi on Pixel 6, as we are waiting to see the other probable side-effects this update will trigger. Let us get the details here!

February Pixel Update doesn’t fix broken WiFi issue

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have been complaining of issues connecting to Wifi. The December update was reported to have fixed it with a slight improvement in the frequency of drops but users continue to report. Many users assumed that connectivity improvements in teh latest February Pixel update would have fixed it. But, surprisingly, no! An unstable wifi connection is not what anyone expects from a flagship product line.

The issue reported is that the WiFi 6E signal drops off when the device goes into sleep or idle mode. It has to be connected manually and the network selected once turning on the screen. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn themselves off and have to be manually turned back on. This happens even when there is no change in the Wifi connection. Super annoying, it is.

The issue has been reported on Reddit and the Google support forums. But it has not been acknowledged yet. Honestly, it’s just kind of unacceptable that Google releases a security patch that breaks something as basic as WiFi as if they learned nothing from the December update.

Users are hoping that the March update brings the fix with it. In the meantime, let us find out different workarounds that people have tried to fix broken WiFi.

How to fix broken WiFi issue on Pixel phones?

To start with, ensure that the device has broken WiFi settings. Boot into safe mode and if it gets replicated, reset Network Settings, carry out a full factory wipe and reset. Google’s support has no other answer except to carry these steps. It’s definitely a hassle and very unideal, just a last-ditch effort to make the phone usable over the next month until the March update.

Another one is a bit tedious. If you don’t mind losing saved WiFi settings and Bluetooth devices head to Settings > System > Restore Option > Restore Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth. Once restore is done, re-connect to networks and Bluetooth devices.

The other one that you can give a try is to go into the specific network’s settings. Change the privacy settings to Use device MAC. It was found to connect to the 2.4GHz easily without any drops.

Some have tried to successfully flash the January version of the software using Google’s browser flash tool ( It has successfully reverted the issue and if it works to prevent the issue for now it’s definitely worth giving a try. You need to back up your device before flashing.

However, an issue with the firmware of the router cannot be ruled out. Maybe it needs a reset and an upgrade. Check it out at your end before hitting the panic button.

How to check for the latest updates in Pixel device?

In order to know if the February Pixel update 2022 is available for your device, users need to tap Settings > System > System Update. The update is only 30MB so downloading it should not be a hassle.

Till the time Google doesn’t fix and release in next March update, one has to live with the glitches. Till then, you can give the workarounds a few tries. You can share with us if any solution worked for you for our readers.

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