FAU-G controversies ahead of its October launch


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It has been only a few days, Akshay Kumar announced the launch of an Indie game titled ‘FAU-G’. It came immediately on the heels of the PUBG Mobile Ban by the Indian government. Soon after the news went viral the game got mired into FAU-G controversies.

However, FAU-G has the most important USP of going full-fledged “Vocal for Local”. A Made in India game promises to part with 20% of the net revenue to BharatKeVeer Trust making it more desirable. Despite the good news, few people aren’t too convinced about it. They have resorted to raking up FAU-G controversies.

nCore Games have come up with answers to the FAU-G controversies, giving the public their side of the story. It has always been seen that any free publicity is always good for the brand. Read here to know the disputes related to FAU-G and the explanation given.

1. Is the Launch and PUBG Ban Linked?

On 2nd September, the Government of India announced a ban on PUBG Mobile and 118 more apps. Coincidentally Akshay revealed the FAU-G game to the Indian world of play. This led people to believe that the two games are interlinked. While the game FAU-G has been a work in progress for a few months yet, people aren’t considering it as just a coincidence.

2. Is FAU-G Poster a Copy?

After the announcement, the foremost FAU-G controversy was around the poster reveal. The poster of FAU-G posted by Akshay resembles the poster of Today We Rise, a Song by the band named Collision Of Innocence.

FAU-G controversies ahead of its October launch

Although the art also coincides with the banner of ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike,’ yet, it destroyed the uniqueness of the latter. Further, the fact that the game has a massive budget, yet the team couldn’t bring a unique poster is getting questioned by everyone. The company has issued a statement clarifying the FAU-G controversy on the poster. As per them they have bought the image from Shutterstock credited to Phet Thai. The details can be read below.

FAU-G controversies ahead of its October launch

3. Is FAU-G Really ‘Made in India?’

The post by Akshay Kumar said, “Supporting PM @NarendraModi’s Atma-Nirbhar Movement…” This highlights the game is entirely made in India. However nCORE Games, makers of FAU-G have partnered with Rovio. They are the developers of the famous Angry Birds series.

The Finnish team Rovio and nCORE games have partnered “to provide multi-player games with immersive storylines that have a strong connect with Indian ethos.” The community feels cheated since the game is not ‘totally Indian’ as it claims.

4. Sushant Singh Rajput and FAU-G controversies

The dispute around linking late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s name to FAU-G is bizarre but the brand has gained from publicity. On social media, a majority of people are hurling hate towards the team of nCORE.

The reason being fans feel Sushant Singh Rajput had connections with the game. It may sound weird, but it is claimed the Sushant was developing the game. His fans have a hunch that his code has been stolen and used in this game. Sushant posted Pseudo-codes on his social media accounts, and sources claim that FAU-G, as we know it today, was the late actor’s project.

FAU-G controversies ahead of its October launch

The company has issued a statement of FAU-G controversies clarifying its stand and the ownership of FAU-G concept.

5. Controversy on The Name – FAU-G

The name itself has become a source of hate for the game. FAU-G stands for Fearless And United Guards, and it profoundly resembles with PUBG. This questions a bit about the game’s originality and authenticity, and people aren’t admiring it. The gaming community feels that the abbreviation FAU-G is conceptualized to rhyme with PUBG Mobile.

All the above said controversies and theories are circulating all over the internet. The majority of the people are excited to try and enjoy the game, but again, there would be people who will not be satisfied by the explanation to FAU-G controversies.

FAU-G has excellent hype, and we will get to know if we have the right expectations from the game when it releases. We will have to wait until October to see it.

How excited are you to play FAU-G? What are your views on the controversies and conspiracy theories? Do let us know in the comments section! We will keep you updated with more news, so keep visiting, sharing, and caring!

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