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4 Online Tools To Add Watermark On Your PDF files

The liberty that comes with using the internet seems to be limitless. Because of this, a lot of people can become victims of online fraudulent actions like identity theft, plagiarism, and more. To protect their works, some people would add watermarks to their files before posting online. Watermarks are symbols or words that will help people identify the owner of the file.

It minimizes people stealing your intellectual property and parade them as their own. You may use watermarks for photographs you took, artworks, confidential files, and more! If you’re going to add watermarks in your works for the first time, or someone who is scouting for online watermark tools that can get the job done, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will be featuring 4 online tools that can help you add watermarks to your PDF files. Keep on reading to know more! 


PDFBear is an SSL-encrypted and web-based tool that can get the job done in seconds! The PDFBear server lets you customize the watermark. You may upload a photo, or choose typography and adjust the transparency. To add watermark to PDF online, go to the PDFBear website, and choose ‘Add Watermark.’ Simply upload the PDF file to the server then customize the watermark you want to add.

Once you’re done choosing the position of where you want it to be seen, you can apply changes and download the new file. Adding watermarks using PDFBear is easy and free to use! PDFBear is safe to use and can be accessed using any device, as long as you have a stable internet connection. All free users will have access to their processed files for one hour. After that timeframe, PDFBear will permanently delete the processed file from its server to comply with its users’ data privacy. PDFBear is trusted by millions of users around the globe. 


PDFCandy is another free online tool that you can use. Just like PDFBear, simply upload the file that you want to add watermarks to. You may type the word manually or add an image. PDFCandy allows you to adjust the opacity of the watermark so it won’t clash with the actual contents of your files. PDFCandy will not ask for your personal information and you may use the add watermark tool numerous times. Once you’re done adding watermark, PDFCandy will show you the detailed summary of your process file which includes the file size, author of the file, page numbers, title, and more. You may download the file directly to your computer or save them to your Google Drive or Dropbox. 


ILovePDF lets you choose the files directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox. You can add watermarks as a mosaic, meaning your watermark will appear in all corners of your page or simply choose one position. You may also modify which specific pages you want to add the watermark on. Once you’re done, click ‘Add Watermark’ to finalize. You may download your file directly or get the shareable link. ILovePDF will also generate a unique QR code for your file. When you scan the QR code, it will automatically download the file to your device! 

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another online tool that will add watermarks to your PDF files in a few minutes. Just like the previous online tools, the process of using Soda PDF’s website is similar. Another feature that may be useful to you is to remove a watermark. If you use Soda PDF to add a watermark to your files, they can also remove it for you. However, if you use another tool for that feature, Soda PDF will not be able to remove that watermark for you. Once you’re done adding watermarks to your file, Soda PDF can email you a link that lets you access the processed file. However, you may only access the link for 24 hours. 

Add Watermarks to your PDF easily using these tools 

Protecting your intellectual property and confidential files shouldn’t be a burden. To avoid counterfeiting, add watermarks to your PDF files. Adding watermarks to your work makes it traceable back to you even if a lot of people have accessed it. Furthermore, adding watermarks is the simplest form of security feature for your PDF files. If you’re looking for free online tools that can help you in this aspect, the mentioned tools in this article could be of great help! 

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