Digital Trends in the Entertainment Industry


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We live in a tech-driven world that has redefined many industries on a global scale. The entertainment sector was one of the most affected because consumer habits shifted with the introduction of new technological devices like smart TVs, advanced game consoles, and smartphones. 

But as the technology keeps evolving, new digital trends emerge that impact the development of the entertainment sector. Here, we will take a look at four popular entertainment trends in 2022.


The gaming sector has grown to become one of the most profitable sectors on a global scale. Technological innovations like smartphones promoted a new gaming sector based on mobile devices. Mobile gaming became one of the greatest industries in the last decade as it gradually became one of the most profitable aspects of the gaming industry. Actually, in 2020 it has accounted for close to 50% of the entire revenue of the gaming sector.

Mobile games became popular because they are conveniently accessible on Android and Apple devices, and a lot of the games on the App Store and Google Play are free of charge. In addition, their quality has enhanced substantially over the years, and today there is a great range of genres – From mobile versions of gaming console titles, action games, puzzles, digital board games, brain-training games, and many other options.

Furthermore, the online gambling industry has undergone massive changes as various tech innovations pushed its growth. Hence, today there is an abundance of online casinos, and many new casinos continue to enter the market. On reliable platforms like, users can keep up with the latest additions on the market and compare their features. 

Otherwise, as mobile technology got more advanced, an increasing number of people started to play games on their mobile devices, which prompted iGaming developers to create mobile-optimized games. 

Podcast and Audio-Streaming 

Podcasts also became another important segment of on-demand entertainment. Not only there are podcasts on every topic imaginable, from listening to Spanish news to learning about history but there are also literally thousands of podcasts on the market.

Another advantage is that most users can download them free of charge, although most of them feature some kind of advertisement or sponsored content. The main advantage is that unlike listening to the radio, you choose the content you want to listen to, and you can download it directly on your device and access it whenever you want.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re into personal development, online marketing, comedy, literature, or films. There are many different podcasts that are developed by experts on the topic. The main reason why they’ve become popular is that they are conveniently accessible on apps like BBC Sounds, Spotify, iTunes, Audible, and other platforms. 

What’s more, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music became popular audio streaming services. They are able to personalize the playlist of songs to the preferences of the users. Also, the users generally can stream any song they want on their devices, and they can listen to music without ads if they purchase the premium subscription. And the main benefit is the opportunity to discover new music based on your preferences and to also create playlists based on your mood, certain goals or artists.

Subscription-Based Streaming Services

Entertainments on demand might be one of the greatest trends in the sector. The rise of subscription-based streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus proves that the consumers’ habits have shifted from cable TV to on-demand content. Not only are users able to watch their favorite series, TV series, or films on any device, including their mobile devices, smart TV, or laptop but also, they can instantly access a library with hundreds of different options. 

For example, if you’re a fan of Disney, by subscribing to Disney Plus, you access their entire library of Disney animated features, films, and TV shows. However, Netflix is by far the most popular streaming service that also started a new trend by developing original content targeted to audiences from all over the world. They develop Netflix TV shows and films. Others streaming platforms also followed this trend; notably, Amazon prime has created their own TV Shows. 

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