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The companies are now moving towards the open-air offices, bench-styles seating, remote working, etc. Employers have started investing in creating collaborative and dynamic working spaces for their employees.

One tool that has made remote work seamless is a web conferencing tool that supports teamwork. This enables screen sharing for easy learning. With the help of web conferencing tools, the employees working remotely can get connected with their colleagues, regardless of the country or city, they are in. With the tool for web conferencing, you can even connect with your overseas client, and that too ‘face-to-face.’

There are many tools, such as Adobe Connect App, that support web conferencing, remote training, presentation, and more. The tools come with integrated features, like – Pods, Chat, Custom Apps, and many more.

Businesses are turning to web conferencing to keep up with the demands of a remote, geographically distributed workforce. The tools enable the ability to work miles apart and yet experience they are just sitting down in the room.

We have mentioned below the must-have features of web conferencing tools or software.

1) High-Quality Audio and Video

High-quality audio and video are the most important requirements of web conferencing software. The users must feel as if they are having real in-person conversations with the rest of the team members, this is possible only with proper audio and video. A lag, a glitch, or blurred images in video conferencing along with crackly voice audio will surely ruin your web conference. The tool helps with noise reduction or cancellation, activates auto-mute for non-speaking members, and automatically adjusts settings for users with low bandwidth.

2) Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is very important if you need to review designs, walk the remote employees to a new software system, share PowerPoint presentations, etc. Thus, screen sharing lets the users display their screens with other meeting members. With this feature, you can share the web conferencing link via SMS and the user can join the screen share without downloading any additional software. Screen sharing promotes collaborative meetings. If multiple participants take part in the meetings, be sure to confirm this feature before you subscribe.

3) Easy Invites with Instant Calling

There are times when you have an urgent need of getting on a video call with the other team members. Thus, the tool that offers a feature to send last-minute and easy invites and also provides instant calling is of utmost importance. The feature must let the participants take part in the web conference by just clicking a link sent in the invite or by dialing a number.

4) Integrated Advanced VOIP

VOIP – Voice over IP. With advanced VOIP technology, you must look for a system that offers a fully integrated voice system. This will let the users listen through their system, like – laptops, desktops, etc, without using a phone or any other device. There is a possibility of systems lacking the high-quality voice that is needed in web conferencing, thus, these features play an important role in getting things streamlined.

5) Multiple Device Support

Web conferencing software has changed the way employees have started engaging with their work. Employees do not have enough time to sit and wait to get on their system and join the web conference. Therefore, a tool that supports multiple devices is very important; the user must be able to dial into meetings from their desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Web conferencing software with mobile applications is important you need to consider.

6) Easy Interface

Easy to use interface is very crucial for online meetings to run without any interruptions. The interface must let the participants join the web conference easily and quickly from anywhere. The same goes for the host, the host must be able to manage and set up a meeting without any hassle. For instance, no member would want to spend minutes finding the mute button, thus, it should be easily visible.

The purpose of your presentation and requirements derive from the features and characteristics of your web conferencing system. There are multiple web conferencing platforms or systems available for you to choose from, but there are only a few that will meet your needs and requirements. No matter which platform you choose, your web conferencing must be instinctive.

Parth Singh
Parth Singh
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