What are the Best Phones for Gaming in 2021?


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Gaming has become one of the primary functions of smartphones, with 60 percent of users said to install a game within their first week of purchase. It is estimated that there are more than 2 billion mobile gamers in the world, making the market valued at $98 billion more lucrative than console by some margin. Mobile developers have game compatibility at the forefront of their minds when creating new devices. This has led to some seriously impressive options that can do great things.

ASUS ROG Phone 5

The ASUS ROG Phone 5 has been described as the perfect phone to appeal to non-gamers and gamers alike. This could be the offering that bridges the gap between various types of mobile play, from in-depth MMOs to more basic pick-up-and-play games.

The 6.78-inch device has a Snapdragon 888 CPU and comes with either 8, 12, or 16GB of RAM. These different options allow players to assess what they need based on the types of games that they play.

The 8GB version could appeal to the growing number of online casino players, especially in markets outside of the west where the likes of Apple and Samsung are dominant. The Arabian market, for instance, has started to boom in recent years as online casinos have become more widespread in the region. Sites have now targeted these players, and there are plenty of online casinos for Arabian players to choose from with a vast range of games and with slots arguably being the best suited to basic smartphones. However, the ASUS ROG Phone 5 would also be able to run the more detailed live casino options that put players face to face with real-world dealers.

For players who spend time on games that need a bit more processing power, it would be wiser to opt for the higher-spec 16GB version of the ASUS device. This would be able to run the likes of Fortnite and PUBG. To be successful in these open-world battle royale titles, players need to have a seamless connection and high-quality graphics so they can spot enemies around them.

Nubia Red Magic 5G

For people who are only interested in gaming and have no desire to use their smartphones for anything else, the Nubia Red Magic 5G is a solid option. It has been lauded for its game-playing capabilities but has been criticised for its other aspects such as software bugs. This means that it can’t be considered a work phone and may need to be used as a dedicated gaming device to get the desired experience.

The most striking thing about the Nubia Red Magic 5G device is that it has a 144Hz display. This makes it perfect for games, which are then enhanced by the shoulder triggers that help the device resemble the controller of a console.

Players can enjoy offerings that were originally designed for consoles on this phone. It could even make them feel closer to and more immersed in the games. This one has a large 6.65-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2340, making almost any type of game visually pleasing.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

One of the top-end phones on the market for those who can afford it is the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. It’s at the upper end of the price scale, but there’s a good reason for that. The October 2020 release uses the Snapdragon 865 Plus CPU and only comes with 12 and 16 GB options.

The 5000mAh battery is one of its most prominent selling points, and it can be charged extremely quickly thanks to its 90W fast charging feature. This means that gamers are unlikely to face the horror of a low battery in the middle of a gaming streak.

This is the first gaming phone from Lenovo, a company renowned for its high-powered laptops. It’s a top effort and can also be considered a worthy smartphone against the big players in the industry. However, the below-par camera may put off non-gamers from purchasing this offering.

Nearly every smartphone on the market offers gaming capabilities, but dedicated players who solely use their devices for playing should stick to gaming phones like these. The market for gaming smartphones is growing, and they are going to get more and more advanced in the future.

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