Don’t quit the Password Game over a few tricky rules! Here’s how you can beat them


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Move aside Wordle or Quordle, because the Password Game has emerged as this summer’s sensational gaming craze. If you find yourself stuck on a challenging rule like rule 16, fear not, as I’ve got the answers you need to play.

The game, created by the imaginative coder Neal Agarwal, also known as Neal Fun, was unleashed upon the world on Tuesday, June 27. It’s rapidly gaining traction on social media, with players eagerly sharing their puzzle-solving triumphs online.

While the Password Game has captured the attention of the internet, one particular rule has become a major stumbling block for many. But worry not—I’m here to guide you on how to conquer rule 24 of the game, giving you a fighting chance to emerge victorious.

We’re all familiar with the frustrations of creating passwords that require special characters, numbers, and more. Well, someone has taken that concept and elevated it to the extreme with this addictive and maddening game. Prepare to tackle mind-boggling puzzles that will test your ability to construct the ultimate password.

Since its launch on June 27, the Password Game has become an internet sensation. But just how many rules are there in this challenging game? Similar to the Wordle craze that captivated audiences in early 2022, the Password Game introduces a fresh and engaging gaming experience. The objective is to create a password while adhering to a specific set of rules. Now, let’s delve into some of the trickiest rules and requirements that the game throws your way, providing you with a better understanding of the gameplay.

So, gear up and get ready to tackle the Password Game’s captivating challenges while unraveling the mysteries of its rules.

Tips to play The Password Game Rules

Don't quit the Password Game over a few tricky rules! Here's how you can beat them

How do you play the game of Password?

The objective of the Password Game is straightforward: you must craft a password that meets all of the specified criteria or rules. However, the challenge lies in the ever-increasing complexity of the requirements as you progress through the game.

With each rule you conquer, a new and more intricate one is added to the mix. This means that your password is not fixed and can be modified as you navigate through the game. However, to emerge victorious, you must satisfy all of the rules that have been laid out.

The answers that fulfill each rule become progressively intricate and demanding, resulting in a robust and secure password that even Apple would struggle to devise. The game pushes you to think creatively and strategically, as you must carefully consider each rule and find innovative ways to incorporate its requirements into your password.

By successfully tackling the escalating challenges and meeting all of the specified rules, you will achieve the ultimate goal of beating the game and generating a password that is both unique and robust.

How to crack Password Game’s Rule 14?

One of the enjoyable aspects of playing the Password Game is its incorporation of elements from other online sites, creating a unique yet familiar experience. For those familiar with GeoGuessr, reaching Rule 14 may come as a relief. This rule requires that your password includes “the name of this country.” However, the challenge lies in the fact that players are only presented with a deserted stretch of road and no additional information. This lack of context can fill players with dread, as they try to determine the country based solely on the visuals.

One important thing to note is that the Password Game is different each time you play. This means that each player will be presented with a different country, as well as other challenges like chess games, making it impossible to provide a blanket answer for Rule 14. The ever-changing nature of the game keeps players on their toes, ensuring a fresh and unpredictable experience with each playthrough.

While the game may vary, one constant is the sense of stress and responsibility players feel in protecting Paul the chicken egg. This adds an additional layer of investment and motivation as players strive to create a strong and secure password to safeguard Paul.

In summary, the Password Game combines familiar elements with unique twists, creating a challenging and engaging experience. Each playthrough presents new hurdles to overcome, keeping players captivated as they navigate the rules and protect Paul the chicken egg.

Tips for Password Game’s Rule 16

Rule 16 of the Password Game introduces an additional twist by requiring the password to include “the best move in algebraic chess notation.” For players who are not familiar with chess or its notation system, this rule can present a significant challenge and may even lead some to give up on the game.

However, if you’re determined to bypass this hurdle and progress to the finish line, there are ways to overcome the chess challenge and conquer Rule 16.

Approaching Rule 16 of the Password Game as a non-chess player can indeed be daunting when it comes to choosing the best move. However, there are helpful resources available online that can assist you in making the right choice.

One option is to utilize online chess websites that offer move analysis. These platforms can evaluate your moves and suggest the best possible move based on the given situation. By leveraging the power of computer analysis, you can receive guidance on selecting the optimal move to attack the opponent’s king and potentially place it in a check position.

When it comes to chess notation, it follows a specific format where each piece is represented by a single letter, followed by the square it moves to. For example, if a King moves to g8, it would be notated as “Kg8.” Similarly, if a Bishop moves to h6, it would be notated as “Bh6.”

To indicate a check in chess notation, a plus symbol (+) is used. For instance, if a move results in the opponent’s king being in check, it would be notated as “Kg8+.” On the other hand, a hashtag symbol (#) is used to signify a checkmate, indicating that the opponent’s king has been defeated. An example of checkmate would be notated as “Kg8#.”

By familiarizing yourself with these conventions, you can decipher the chess notation and understand the recommended moves provided by online resources or other chess players. Remember to strive for moves that attack the opponent’s king and aim to place it in a check position to progress through Rule 16 of the Password Game.

Remember, the Password Game combines elements from various sources, and overcoming each rule requires a combination of creativity, problem-solving, and research. By leveraging online resources, seeking assistance, and expanding your knowledge of chess notation, you can overcome the chess challenge and progress further in the game.

How to crack Password Game’s Rule 24?

Rule 24 of the Password Game certainly presents a challenging task for players. Finding a YouTube video with a specific duration can be time-consuming, especially when the duration is randomized for each player. Here are some tips to help you navigate this rule:

  1. Feeding Paul the chicken: Remember to feed Paul three worms per minute to keep him satisfied. To make it easier, you can keep the YouTube video and the Password Game tab side by side. When a minute passes, copy and paste three worm emojis into the Password Game. Setting a timer can also help you remember to feed Paul on time.
  2. Finding the video: Instead of searching the entire YouTube site, search for “speed through” followed by the duration you’ve been given. This search term will help narrow down the results to speed-through gaming videos that might have the desired length. Keep in mind that the video may be a few seconds shorter than the required duration, so searching for a slightly longer video can account for this discrepancy.
  3. Adjusting the URL: Once you have found a suitable video, you may need to modify the URL to comply with previous rules. For example, you might need to make vowels bold or capitalize certain symbols according to the Password Game’s criteria. Take your time to carefully make the necessary adjustments to the URL.

While the process can be time-consuming and require attention to detail, following these strategies can increase your chances of successfully progressing past Rule 24 in the Password Game. Remember, perseverance and patience are key in this challenging game.

Some more tricks to the Password Game’s Rules

Don't quit the Password Game over a few tricky rules! Here's how you can beat them

Specific answers to some of the trickier rules in the Password Game are mentioned below:

Rule 5: The digits in your password must add up to 25. Answer: Use the digits 1-9 only, without adding any signs.

Rule 9: The Roman numerals in your password should multiply by 35. Answer: The most commonly suggested answer is “XXXV” (35) multiplied by “I” (1).

Rule 13: Your password must include the current phase of the moon as an emoji. Answer: As of the publication date, the required emoji is a waxing gibbous moon.

Rule 14: Your password must include the name of this country. Answer: The specific country name shown in the image will vary for each player. To determine the country, you can screenshot the image and use Google Lens or other image search tools to identify the location.

Rule 15: Your password must include a leap year. Answer: A leap year is any year that is evenly divisible by four, such as 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2020.

Additionally, it’s worth noting the player-reported tips for specific rules. For Rule 14, using Google Lens to identify the country based on the image provided has been suggested. It’s also important not to “undo” after extinguishing the fire in Rule 14. Finally, the answer to Rule 11 is reportedly “about.”

By following these answers and tips, players can progress through the Password Game and overcome these challenging rules. Good luck!

FAQs on The Password Game

What is the Password Game?

The Password Game

The Password Game is an online game created by Neal Agarwal, a creative coder based in Brooklyn. With the Twitter handle @nealagarwal, Neal generated significant excitement and buzz on social media following the game’s official release on Tuesday, June 27.

This addictive game has put players around the world to the test as they try to create passwords that meet the game’s requirements. It challenges users to come up with a unique password that satisfies a specific set of rules.

The game progresses in stages, with each rule guiding players to the next step until they ultimately devise the perfect password that fulfills all the criteria set forth by the game.
The Password Game has become a source of excitement and frustration as players strive to crack its challenging puzzles and discover the ideal password. It’s a test of both wit and keyboard prowess as participants navigate through the game’s various stages.

How many rules are there in the Password Game?

The Password Game consists of a total of 35 rules that players must decipher in order to progress through the stages and ultimately conquer the game.
Among the numerous rules, many players have found rule 16 to be particularly challenging.

This specific criterion demands that players create a password that incorporates “the best move in algebraic chess notation.”

While the initial rules are generally considered easier, the first rule requires a password with a minimum of five characters. Subsequent rules include incorporating a number (rule 2), an uppercase letter (rule 3), and a special character (rule 4) in the password.

As the game progresses, players encounter additional unique requirements. For instance, rule 5 stipulates that digits in the password must add up to 25. Rule 6 introduces the necessity of including a month of the year, and rule 7 requires the use of a Roman numeral.

As participants navigate through the game, they encounter an array of intriguing and sometimes perplexing rules, putting their problem-solving skills to the test. Each rule brings players closer to unraveling the game’s mysteries and achieving victory.

What are the most challenging rules?

Here are some of the trickiest rules in the Password Game that have stumped players:

Rule 18: The elements in your password must have atomic numbers that add up to 200. This requirement tests your knowledge of the periodic table and forces you to select elements in such a way that their atomic numbers sum up to exactly 200.

Rule 21: This rule demands you create a strong password. The solution lies in using an emoji of a man carrying weights. By including this specific emoji, you demonstrate your understanding of the concept of strength in password creation.

Rule 24: Your password must include the URL of a 24-minute 7-second-long YouTube video. This rule presents a unique challenge as you need to incorporate the URL of a specific video into your password. The game provides you with a YouTube video that includes a hint to guide you in meeting this criterion.

Rule 25: A sacrifice must be made. Pick two letters that you will no longer be able to use in your password. This rule requires you to choose two letters that you will intentionally exclude from your password. Remembering not to use these letters throughout the game can be a challenge, adding an extra layer of complexity to your password creation process.

These are just a few examples of the trickier rules that players encounter in the Password Game. Each rule presents its own unique puzzle, putting your problem-solving skills and creativity to the test. Successfully navigating these challenging criteria will bring you closer to cracking the game and creating an exceptional password.

How to find the country in the Password Game?

Indeed, with approximately 197 countries in the world, randomly guessing the country in Rule 14 of the Password Game can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help narrow down the possibilities and increase your chances of success.

One effective approach is to analyze the terrain presented in the game. Sandy streets might indicate a coastal area, while grassy plains could suggest a more central region. Additionally, keep an eye out for any identifiable landmarks, cityscapes, or distinctive features like driving license plates, as they can provide valuable clues about the location. For instance, if you come across a local restaurant with a name referencing the Shires from the Lord of the Rings, it could indicate that you’re looking for a country where the fantasy franchise was filmed, such as New Zealand.

Another useful tip for identifying the country in Rule 14 is to utilize Google Lens. This feature allows you to upload an image and conduct a reverse image search, enabling Google to “search what you see” and provide information about the picture’s origin. Since Rule 14 involves using Google Maps, employing Google Lens can swiftly help you locate the specific country associated with the visual clues provided in the game.

By combining the analysis of terrain, landmarks, and cityscapes with the assistance of tools like Google Lens, you can enhance your ability to identify the correct country and successfully progress through Rule 14 in the Password Game.

What is waxing gibbous emoji?

The waxing gibbous moon emoji is a popular choice for Rule 13 in the Password Game. It represents a phase of the moon where it is more than half illuminated but not yet a full moon. Players can find this emoji in the nature section of their emoji list, and it can be used to fulfill the requirement of including the current phase of the moon in their password.

Where to download the Password Game?

The game can be played on Neal’s website now

The Password Game can be quite the test of creativity, patience, and sanity. With its challenging rules and complex requirements, players are pushed to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to create unique passwords. The game’s randomized elements and the need to navigate various online platforms add an extra layer of difficulty and frustration. However, for those who enjoy a challenging puzzle and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles, the Password Game can be an engaging and rewarding experience.

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