When will Close Enough Season 4 come out on HBO Max?


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After the successful release of Close Enough Season 3 in April 2022, viewers are demanding a sequel to it – Close Enough Season 4. It faces stiff competition from other popular adult sitcoms like Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, and Harley Quinn which also have their new seasons in the pipeline.

Close Enough is an American Adult Sitcom created by J.G. Quintel and produced by Ryan Slater. The series unfolds with a couple living in Los Angeles with their little daughter Candice and divorced friends Alex and Bridgette. The story shows the daily life crisis the couple faces, which increases in the coming episodes. Living together and managing a livelihood with a 6-year-old daughter is never an easy task for any couple. Close Enough beautifully captures the small quirky struggles of a normal couple, yet huge in their own ways.

The show thrives because of its uniqueness. Especially as one of the most appropriate depictions of Los Angeles, depicting the city as more than just a haven for wealthy celebrities. The relatable and genuine storyline is what makes the viewers grip and demand Close Enough Season 4.

Close Enough Season 4: Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

As of now, there are no official claims for the release of Close Enough Season 4. However, the recent release of Close Enough Season 3 has stirred the curiosity and demands for Close Enough Season 4. Close Enough Season 3 was premiered this year on April 7, 2022. Fans were ecstatic to be able to watch the series again, so naturally, the fandom created buzz for any updates on Close Enough Season 4 across social media platforms as soon as they viewed the final episode.

Following the general trend and huge demand from the audience, we can surely expect the release of Close Enough Season 4. Close Enough’s audience retention rate has grown over the years. However, the animated series need to get timely confirmation on renewal dates so that editors have the time advantage after releasing a season.

When will Close Enough Season 4 come out on HBO Max?

What is Close Enough Season 4 Release Date?

Close Enough Season 4 is expected to release around Fall 2022 or heaven early 2023. The show never faced any delays, and on the basis of past releases, if a new Season is announced it should come your way in late 2022 or early 2023.

Is there a Close Enough Season 4 Trailer?

We know you are super excited to be among the first viewers of the trailer of Close Enough Season 4. However, viewers and readers, let’s hold for a while for its official announcement. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of Close Enough Season 3

Why Should You Watch Close Enough?

While watching Close Enough, the audience can taste different comedy genres. There is always an element of humour. The anime series is best for audiences of diverse interests and preferences. The main characters are highly noticeable. Josh is presented as a well-intentioned father, though he is clueless. Again, Alex has gained attention as an eccentric lecturer.

Where can you watch Close Enough Season 4?

The show was originally intended to air on TBS during the release of Close Enough Season 1 in 2017. However, due to delays and setbacks, it finally premiered on HBO Max on 9th July 2017. As of now, all 3 seasons of Close Enough are available on HBO Max. One can also watch Close Enough on Netflix.

Apart from this, the audience can also buy or rent them on Apple iTunes, Vudu, or Amazon Video.

The viewers can also try HBO Max for free with Hulu for one week before paying $14.99 per month.

How many episodes will Close Enough Season 4 have?

Though there is no official word on the Close Enough 4 release date, however, that does not stop fans from speculating and dreaming. Following a pattern similar to its earlier 3 seasons, Close Enough Season 4 should have at least eight episodes, each with a tentative runtime of about 22 – 24 minutes.

Have a look at the previous seasons of the anime series-

Close Enough 1

The first season has several parts-

  • Quilty Pleasures
  • The Perfect House
  • Logan’s Run’d
  • Room Parents
  • Skate Dad
  • 100% No Stress Day
  • Prank War
  • Cool Moms

Close Enough Season 2

The name of some parts are

  • Josh Gets Shredded
  • Meet The Frackers
  • Sauceface
  • Houseguest From Hell
  • Joint Break
  • Cyber Matrix
  • Haunted Couch
  • Man Up
  • Handy
  • Birthdaze
  • Time Hooch
  • World’s Greatest Teacher

Close Enough Season 3

A few parts of this season are-

  • Where the Buffalo Roam
  • Venice Vengeance
  • Hellspital
  • Candice Candice Revolution
  • Randy Free Solos

What could have been the plot of Close Enough Season 4?

The last episode of Close Enough Season 3 has two parts. In The Perfect Couple part, Bridgette and Alex avoid hanging out with Emily and Josh. The second part is Match Made in Valhalla, where Bridgette applies her matchmaking skills to find compatible partners for her boyfriend. The plot would continue from this point. But, as the show has been canceled, it is not for fans to predict the characters’ progress.

Who will be Close Enough Season 4 Cast?

Close Enough Season 4 hasn’t yet been officially declared. Though we can expect these prominent characters to return back in the upcoming season. These prominent characters include:

  • Joshua “Josh” Singleton (voiced by J. G. Quintel) – The aspiring video game developer who works for Plugger-Inners; a television installation company based on Geek Squad. His appearance and mannerisms are based on those of Quintel. The creator itself has voiced this character.
  • Emily Ramirez (voiced by Gabrielle Walsh) – Josh’s wife, who works as an assistant for a food corporation called FoodCorp. Emily and Bridgette play guitar and sing at local cafes hoping to become famous. She is based on Quintel’s own wife, Cassia.
  • Candice Singleton-Ramirez (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) – Josh and Emily’s six-year-old (as of “Birthdaze”) daughter, who struggles with school work. She attends Chamomile Elementary School.
  • Alex Dorpenberger (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas) – Josh’s best friend and Bridgette’s ex-husband, who works as a community college professor and a struggling Viking-themed fantasy author. He is a conspiracy theorist. Following the Season 3 finale “Match Made in Valhalla”, Alex and Bridgette got back together.
  • Bridgette Hashima (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) – Emily’s best friend and Alex’s ex-wife. She is a Japanese-American social media influencer and a part-time comedy singer-songwriter in a band with Emily. Her middle name was revealed as “No Stress” in an episode from the first season, which also revealed that it was the result of a legal name change that she authorized while she was under the influence of drugs.
  • Pearle Watson (voiced by Danielle Brooks) – A retired African-American LAPD police officer, and the landlady of the duplex.
  • Randall “Randy” Watson (voiced by James Adomian) – Pearle’s adopted Caucasian son, and the duplex’s property manager. He was adopted by Pearle after his biological parents, Wyatt and Deborah Trickle, were arrested for siphoning gas from multiple cars. Randy is revealed to be gay in season 3.

Some other characters who have shared a major time-screen and are expected in Close Enough Season 4 include:

  • Mr. Timothy Campbell (voiced by John Early) – Candice’s hippie teacher at Chamomile Elementary.
  • Mr. Salt (voiced by Fred Stoller) – Emily’s boss at FoodCorp.
  • Dr. Glandz (voiced by Cheri Oteri) – A physician who works at a hospital called Pretty Good Samaritan.
  • Dante (voiced by Eugene Cordero) – One of Josh’s coworkers at Plugger-Inners who has a prosthetic lower arm.
  • Jojo (voiced by Mo Collins) – A biker woman who is the leader of the Cool Moms, and the mother of Candice’s classmate, Mia.
  • Trish (voiced by Kate Higgins) – A former member of the Cool Moms and the mother of Candice’s best friend and classmate, Maddie.
  • Ms. Hashima (voiced by Suzy Nakamura) – Bridgette’s mother.

Why Do Fans Love Pearle Watson?

Although Pearle is one of the regular characters, she has won the heart of fans. She has developed a strong relationship with renters to eliminate the impression of unpleasant landlords. In self-defense and other fields, Pearle has shown her talents. She has always presented herself as a compassionate person.

Close Enough Season 4 Rating

Since Close Enough Season 4 hasn’t been released officially, it would be incomprehensible to talk about the ratings of Season 4. However, the first three seasons of Close Enough have managed to garner good reviews, ratings, and critics from around the world.

Starting with the IMDB ratings, the show has been rated 7.8 out of a total of 10, the highest-rated episode being “Halloween Enough” from Close Enough Season 3 where a thunderstorm makes trick-or-treating impossible and the gang tells Candice a trio of scary stories to save her Halloween.

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 100% based on 19 reviews, with an average rating of 8/10, for the first season. The website’s critical consensus reads, “Completely absurd and yet, utterly relatable, Close Enough captures the strange experience that is being an adult.”

Summing Up

Close Enough is all about balancing work and family, and following your aspirations while dodging alien fitness cults, yacht-rock vampires, and silent film vintage bison. The Emmy-winning creator of this series is anticipated to come up soon with a strong and bold storyline for Close Enough Season 4.

It would be interesting to see how Josh and Emily manage their lives in the presence of their six-year-old daughter and two divorced friends, all in one apartment. Though we have managed to come up with some major information on Close Enough Season 4, we know there is still a lot more you need to know to quench your thirst. To know more about what’s cooking inside HBO Max for Close Enough Season 4 and to get the latest updates, stay connected with PhonesWiki!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Close Enough Over?

According to the speculations and the cancellation of new releases after Season 3, Close Enough seems to be wrapped up. 

Which role in Close Enough is inspired by J. G. Quintel’s wife?

Emily Ramirez’s Character (voiced by Gabrielle Walsh) is inspired by the role of J.G. Quintel’s Wife. 

What is the possibility of Close Enough getting renewed?

Currently, there is a 0% possibility for the renewal of Close Enough as the show makers have given a red flag.

Why should you watch Close Enough?

Close Enough, the latest animated series is a sum of different comedy genres and hilarity, which seems to be one of the big reasons to stream the same. 

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