Causes of Failure in Entrepreneurship


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When you have a business, it should drive the economy, innovation, and job creation. However, about half of companies fail in the first five years, and two out of three last less than a decade. So, how do you become one of the 33% of different businesses that last for a long time? You do this by avoiding many common surprises that drive entrepreneurs out of business and also you can buy Instagram followers for your business.

Here is a look of what causes your entrepreneurship to fail

1. Lack of Enough Money

Lack of money is the most straightforward reason that may lead your business to fail. Whether self-finance, you should take a bank loan approach and get partners and investors.

Your businesses may fail before getting started because you may not be fully prepared with the capital it takes to operate a new business.

2. Not Knowing Your Market

As an entrepreneur, in order to run a successful business, you should know who your clients are, your competitors and know whether your target market will pay for your product or service.

If you do not fully know who your customers are, what they want and where else they can get products or services, you will be doomed to fail.

3. Lack of Vision

As a good entrepreneur, you need not just have a vision but convey that vision to others in a way that causes them to want to come with you on the journey.

If you impart businesses without well-thought-out vision long-term and short-term objectives, you would languish since you did not have an open victory guide along the way.

4. Not Enough Marketing

As an entrepreneur, you can have the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, you can not succeed. You require to get your name out there and let people know about the benefits of your business. If you cannot reach your audience, your business will not be successful.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful form that you can use for marketing. This form of advertisement comes directly from pleased customers.

5. Poor Planning

You have already heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” If you lack proper planning, your enterprise will likely lead to poor execution.

Your business plan need not be highly complicated. It is as easy as identifying and developing a policy around your company, product, and competition.

6.  Not Accepting Constructive Criticism

Let complaints serve you as a chance to do it better. Many times, as an entrepreneur, you will get offended by criticisms because you are too emotional when it comes to your business.

There is nothing like success without failure and mistakes in enterprises.  As an entrepreneur, you will be under obligation to find the lesson and learn from complaints.

7.  Not Delegating

If it’s going to be, it’s up to me, ”Entrepreneurs are self-made,” and “If you want things done right, do it yourself,” these are some delegation killers for you as an entrepreneur.

 You can start entrepreneurship as a “one-person company,” and you can achieve in the beginning that way. However, as your business rises, you need a good team that can help give rise to the company’s vision to fruition.

8.  Lack of Soft Skills

Lack of soft skills is the incomplete part of the success puzzle in your entrepreneurship. Soft skills are sometimes intangible and non-technical skills that as an entrepreneur you need to operate effectively.

 These soft skills include your attitude, communication, empathy, motivation, teamwork, networking, leadership, decision making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

9. Burnout

As an entrepreneur, you can directly burn out and lose your drive and enthusiasm if you do not get the right assistance.

When you start a business, it is often a  24/7 job in many cases, and if you are not likely to ease that burden as you grow, you will never be able to sustain that long term.


Beginning a new business and scaling for the long term is not simple. As a  business owner, you will know why businesses fail; you can be adequately ready to avoid the ambushes and lead your way to a long and fruitful journey through entrepreneurship.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes a learning specialist, designs and delivers learning initiatives (both in-class and online) for a global and internal audience. He is responsible for the ongoing development, delivery, and maintenance of training. He has the ability to manage competing priorities to execute time-sensitive deliverables within a changing environment. He contributes to continually improving the team's processes and standards and works as a member of the team to assist with team initiatives.


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