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Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform Review

These days cloud gaming services are emerging so fast that you’ll definitely miss some of them. It’s hard to say Boosteroid is a new player on the market but obviously many people know more about GeForce NOW. That’s why we are going to focus on this service rather than Nvidia. What is the difference between Boosteroid and other cloud gaming platforms? Is it a solid solution for gamers? What advantages does it have? Let’s find out together.

A few words about “the rules of the game”

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The most important requirement is Internet connection stability. Even those having 15 Mbps can’t be sure about the stable work of any cloud platform. Why is that? The answer is very simple. Packet loss and high ping will ruin anyone’s experience. You need to take a few tests before running your games in the cloud. Just contact your local Internet provider to be sure you are all set up for cloud gaming.

The other important restriction is… There are no other restrictions. Cloud gaming is created for low-end PCs and mobile platforms so you don’t have to own expensive hardware.

What is Boosteroid?

There are different types of cloud technologies on the market but one of them has no contenders. We are talking about streaming, used by almost every company out there. The idea behind this technology is really simple: the user plays a game on the remote server and controls the process by watching interactive video. So yeah, basically you need to own a PC that can display a Full HD video smoothly. That’s it.

Boosteroid advantages are… There is at least one major difference. While GeForce NOW, Shadow or Vortex are trying to push their services via app, Boosteroid is running games in browser. Boosteroid is not the only platform that provides such services. Unfortunately, other companies don’t try to polish it or don’t have web-based access at all. It’s a shame because there is a lot of potential in this technology.

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform Overview

Mobile access is pretty much the same as a desktop browser version. Web-based access allows you to start a wide variety of games on a smartphone. Boosteroid provides mobile gameplay only with a gamepad. This service claims a perfect operation with DualShock 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, Logitech Gamepad F310/F510/F710, etc.

Comparing with the competitors

One of the most important aspects people are looking for is price. Almost every platform provides different services, from Boosteroid web-based access to Shadow hardware rent. This is where you should choose wisely, especially in the long term perspective.

Geforce NOW$4.99 (limited)
Boosteroid€9.89€49.89 (€4.16 p/m)
Google Stadia$9.99
Shadow$14.99$144 ($12 p/m)

The next important thing about cloud platforms is games you can run. There are thousands of games on Geforce NOW… the biggest part of them are just old-school titles that could be run even on a low-end PC. For the past 6 months, a ton of games has been pulled out from GeForce NOW. When it comes to big AAA titles like GTA V or Resident Evil 2 there is a chance you won’t find them on the list. This is where Boosteroid has some advantages. In their library, we’ve found about 70% of the latest releases and a lot of other high-end games. 

Last but not least is coverage. If you know nothing about cloud gaming then you should know at least one basic thing: the further servers are located from you, the bigger latency you’ll have. This signal delay may be a big problem, especially for gamers who prefer online games over a single player. Today Boosteroid covers Central and Eastern Europe, just have this in mind.

The future is bright

We know, it’s a tough choice. Every service has its negative sides. Anyway, Boosteroid is a pretty solid solution to try. This service has started its way in Eastern Europe and now goes global. It’s a good thing. We need another player on the market that could create a better ecosystem for the users.

Boosteroid, as a web-based service, has big potential if compared to other platforms. We can recommend it to gamers based in Central and Eastern Europe with additional speed and ping tests.

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