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Writing essays is not only about following instructions, submitting papers on time, and getting a satisfactory grade. It is also about having a web page and maintaining it. However, it is hard to achieve this goal without a properly built website.

Suppose you want to publish a story, convey a message, and impress the audience. In that case, you don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money on creating a web page. Using WordPress is a no-brainer in this situation. It offers numerous themes, depending on your budget. But even if you have nothing (literally, zero) to invest in design, you can still get an appealing theme. Scroll below for the best free WordPress themes in 2021.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme?

Needless to say that people prefer different things. And they can relate to design, graphics, and other minor aspects. When working on your theme, you have to analyze what theme represents your essays the most. Not only must you focus on the theme, but you must also know hacks for writing essays to reduce your time spent composing and editing them.

But how to select a WordPress theme for your essay content? The following list of key elements is the answer:

  • Navigation: Every web page should have a theme that mitigates navigation through the entire platform. No matter whether you write reviews or sell anything, your web page must be comprehensive. Check whether a theme ensures all the buttons, pop-ups, and animations are clear. Otherwise, your readers are unlikely to finish reading your essays.
  • Design: Everyone has different tastes. It is impossible to be beloved by everyone, undoubtedly. But you can try. Design is what keeps the reader once they visit your page. If they find it disturbing, they will leave your page. Therefore, revise images, fonts, icons, videos, attached links, comment sections, and other components.
  • Responsiveness: It doesn’t have to be your expertise area, but you must ensure the website works like clockwork. That is, in no way should various actions take lots of time. The longer the readers wait until the action is completed, the higher their chances of closing the page immediately. Overall, keep it simple!
  • Compatibility: When thinking of creating a website, consider making it compatible with the majority of devices. Indeed, you may spend more time crafting it, but believe it or not, the outcomes will be worth it. Thanks to WordPress themes, the web page allows people to access it via cross-platforms.

1.    Hoffman

Hoffman is an interesting theme for those who like the palette of chill and Scandinavian colors. Here, you won’t find any unnecessary elements, only components that fit one another. Hoffman is known for its

  • Jetpack Integration
  • Retina Ready
  • Support for Post Editor Styles
  • Slideshow Photo Galleries
  • Responsive and Flat Design
  • Three Custom Widgets
  • Two Page Templates

Also, you can adjust color and background to your personal preferences, which makes Hoffman one of the best options in the market.

2.    Lovecraft

Lovecraft is another appealing to the eye theme. It is simple and makes the reading and navigating process pleasant and light and breeze. The theme offers:

  • Various Post Formats
  • Playfair Display (supported by Google)
  • 17 Amazing Widgets

Most importantly, you can add your own logo and change the homepage picture with any image your heart desires.

3.    Author

Author is a standard, go-to option for people who want to live up to their names. Writers used to create pseudonyms. Now it is a thing of the past. You can gain an unheard-of success by highlighting your own name, irreplaceable identity. The theme design is simple. A minimalistic style with a beautiful font will draw the readers’ attention right away! Indubitably, the theme is customizable; it allows you to create your own brand and step out of the crowd. Of course, the Author theme has:

  • Diverse Widgets
  • Jetpack Support
  • Editor Styles
  • Customizable Layout
  • Full-Width Page Template

4.    Davis

If you seek something simple, Davis is right for your needs. Being a very simple theme, you can easily underestimate it. Yet, you shouldn’t. Davis is a top-notch tool in the writers’ hands, as it has several advantages over other themes. For instance, Davis offers:

  • Dark Mode
  • Clean and Content-Oriented Design
  • One-Column Layout
  • Responsiveness

5.    Underwood

If the mentioned themes haven’t impressed you, this one will. Underwood is an up-and-coming theme that lots of people use daily. There is no special secret about it. Writers are enamored of Underwood because of:

  • Many Post Styles
  • Swift Responsiveness
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Three Homepage Versions
  • Featured Slider
  • Customizable Fonts and Colors
Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.


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