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The gaming industry in India has experienced impressive growth in recent years, which has led to an increased demand for streaming devices that can enrich the gaming experience. 

To help you make an informed decision, we have put together a list of the top 5 streaming devices for gamers in India, considering their performance, features, and popularity among Indian gamers. Additionally, if you’re a gaming enthusiast in India, you should definitely check out crazy streamers guides for Indians at

These guides provide comprehensive information and advice on the latest gaming technologies and trends. With that said, let’s dive into our top 5 streaming devices for Indian gamers!

5 Best Streaming Devices for Indian Gamers

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X has become extremely popular among gamers in India since it was launched in 2017, and it’s not difficult to understand why. With 4K HDR resolution, the console offers a breathtaking gaming experience with exceptional visuals. 

It is a high-performance machine, equipped with a 1TB hard drive and 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, making it the perfect choice for serious gamers who demand top-notch performance.

Apart from its impressive gaming capabilities, the Xbox One X is also compatible with popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, providing access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies in one location. 

With popular titles like Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Horizon 4, and Gears of War 4 in its library, the Xbox One X caters to the preferences of all kinds of gamers, making it a favorite among the Indian gaming community.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Indian gamers are fond of the PlayStation 4 Pro, a gaming console released in 2016. This console features a 4K HDR resolution and comes with a 1TB hard drive and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM for superior performance.

The PlayStation 4 Pro also supports popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, making it a complete entertainment solution. Additionally, it offers a vast collection of games, including highly-praised titles like God of War, Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

If you want to enjoy a large number of exclusive PS4 games and you don’t have another game console, then the PS4 still has some value.


The NVIDIA Shield TV is a streaming device that’s worth considering for gamers in India who want a versatile entertainment system. This device, which was released in 2015, has remained popular among gamers due to its Tegra X1 processor that ensures a smooth gaming and streaming experience.

It supports 4K HDR resolution, making it perfect for high-definition gaming, and is compatible with popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, enabling easy access to your favorite movies and TV shows. 

The NVIDIA Shield TV also offers an impressive game library, including well-known titles like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Doom 3, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Although the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is one of the more expensive streaming devices, it still offers decent value for the money. It is more powerful than traditional streaming sticks, offers 4K streaming, and since it runs Android, there are a wide variety of apps to choose from.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a well-liked and reasonably priced streaming device that has captured the attention of Indian gamers. Although it was initially introduced in 2014, it still enjoys a strong following. 

The device offers decent performance, delivering 1080p resolution and compatibility with major streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, the Amazon Fire TV Stick offers a variety of games, including favorites such as Minecraft, Crossy Road, and Flappy Bird, to keep gamers entertained.

While we do recommend upgrading to the Max, the original Fire TV Stick 4K is still a solid option for people who want 4K streaming but don’t want to shell out more cash for the latest features, such as Wi-Fi 6. Owners of the Echo or the Dot can use Alexa to operate the device, and the voice features are excellent.

Apple TV

The Apple TV is a streaming device that’s been a hit among Apple fans. With the Siri Remote, you can even use voice commands for added convenience.

The device is powered by the same A8 chip found in the iPhone 6, which makes it a powerful device capable of streaming 4K content and running graphics-intensive games. It supports 1080p resolution, making it a good choice for those without a 4K TV, and it comes with built-in 32GB or 64GB storage for downloading games, apps, and movies.

The Apple TV is also compatible with popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and it has a library of games, including popular titles like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Crossy Road, and Alto’s Adventure.

In A Nutshell

In recent times, the gaming industry in India has witnessed remarkable growth, and the number of gamers joining the community is increasing every day. Consequently, there has been a rise in demand for streaming devices that can elevate the gaming experience. 

This article has highlighted the top five streaming devices for gamers in India, namely the Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV.

These devices have been selected based on their popularity, features, and performance among Indian gamers. It is crucial to consider one’s budget, gaming preferences, and streaming requirements when choosing a streaming device. 

A suitable streaming device allows Indian gamers to enjoy an immersive gaming experience and access their favorite movies and TV shows in one place. The Crazy Streamers Guide for Indians is a useful resource for gamers to stay informed on the latest gaming trends and technologies.

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