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Best Firewalls For Small Businesses In 2020

When setting up a small scale business, one thing that the business owners have to be very vigilant about is coming up with mechanisms and protocols to ensure that the company data and resources are protected and safeguarded from all sorts of unsolicited and unauthorized attacks. One thing that companies do in this regard is training their employees. However, this is not enough. Firewalls should be deployed so the business owners and stakeholders enjoy a peace of mind that their data resources are in safe hands and free from any threat.

IT Support and Consulting in Los Angeles is a must-have need for all small scale businesses. IT support can help a business grow in a number of different ways and their diverse range of services can ensure that the business operations continue smoothly with as little bumps along the way as possible. Businesses also reach out to these service providers to help them with cybersecurity and safeguarding of data and other related resources.

Best Firewalls For Small Businesses

There are a handful of firewalls that are easily available in the market. But when it comes to small businesses IT Support Los Angeles that is specifically targeted towards the needs of small-scale businesses should be preferred. Such IT Services and firewalls are developed while taking small scale businesses into consideration and thus can fulfill their needs in a better manner. Here are four such firewalls that are tried, tested, and highly recommended for small businesses.

1. WatchGuard Network Security

Many businesses prefer outsourcing their firewall needs to a third party service provider rather than trying to set up a firewall themselves. If you are a small scale business owner who has a similar mindset, the WatchGuard Network Security services are one of the best options for you. They have made firewall management extremely easy and simple for their clients.

The users can freely customize their firewall and the service supports both vendors as well as in house network users. If you face any sort of issue when trying to deploy or customize the firewalls, all you need to do is to reach out to the customer service whose representative will assist you and make sure that the issue you are facing is taken care of and dealt with properly.

There is a wide range of features and services to choose from so the service can also grow along with your business and cater to the changing needs. The cost of the service is slightly high, but at the end of the day, the service quality and standards are surely worth the price tag.

2. SonicWall

If you are looking for an affordable yet high performance firewall solution for your small scale business, the SonicWall firewall will prove to be a good option. After being acquired by Dell back in 2012, the firewall has made a mark on the market and is one of the most reliable firewall solutions that are specially targeted for small scale businesses.

Setting up the firewall is extremely simple and hassle free. The firewall comes with an easy to understand interface that guides the users through all the steps of installation using installation wizards. The firewall management GUI is also fairly simple to understand with all the necessary information displayed on screen.

The users have a wide range of customizability options when using the SonicWall firewall. You can choose the type of firewalls and also select the security protocols and other features of the firewall that they wish to deploy for their business. Most of the settings of the firewall settings are self explanatory but customers can always reach out to the customer support and they will make sure you are guided in the right direction.

3. Cisco Meraki MX

If you have a small scale business that is spread over a couple of locations rather than being at a single office, you would require a wide area firewall application. The Cisco Meraki MX is a WAN and UTM firewall system that is fit for such businesses. From cloud management to VPN connectivity, this firewall offers a diverse range of services for small scale businesses.

Another reason why Cisco is so popular and highly recommended when it comes to firewall services is that their services are very easy to use and deploy. The firewall is so easy to set up, understand, and get started with that even people with no technical background can get it up and running within no time and without any trouble or hassle. Customer support is available but it does need to improve.

People have often complained about delays and trouble when trying to reach out to a customer service representative. But all in all, the firewall is great and if deployed successfully, it is likely that you will not have to contact customer support that often.

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