Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023


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Watches are an inextricable part of your everyday outfit and in today’s digital watch age you get to be a lot more creative with how your watch looks. Keeping that in mind, the WatchOS 8 has added a bunch of new Apple watch faces to their previous collection.

Watch face is the first thing that pops into mind when you think of customizing your Apple Watch. So far, Apple has been very careful about choosing watch faces for its library. It has always maintained a minimalistic aesthetic. But with the WatchOS 8, Apple has finally brought some variety to the collection and allowed users more room for customization and creativity.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch faces for you to flaunt in 2023:

Table of Content

  1. Portrait Watch Face
  2. Astronomy Watch Face
  3. Breathe Watch Face
  4. Fire, Water/Liquid Metal
  5. Photos
  6. Artist
  7. Memoji
  8. Siri
  9. Infograph
  10. Motion
  11. California


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

The Portrait watch face is the shiny new feature that came with the WatchOS 8. It lets you use any picture shot with the portrait mode as your Apple Watch face. It comes with complications at the top and bottom of the watch face.

Another cool feature of this watch face is that it uses perspective motion and creates a 3D effect with the photo. You can also customize the font colors to make the display of time and complications pop out more.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

This Apple Watch faces is for stargazers and lovers of the sky. The Astronomy watch face allows you to put a stunning satellite picture of the Earth, Moon, or the solar system as your watch face. Astronomy also comes with complications at the top and bottom.

With a twist of the crown, this Apple Watch face lets you see astronomical information like the next moonrise or the moonset. The Astronomical watch face is definitely a dreamy one.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

The Breathe watch face puts an animated form of the Breathe app logo as the watch face. The Apple watch face displays a clean and minimal screen that instantly calms your mind every time you look at it.

Although it allows you to add multiple complications, doing so would definitely ruin the calm aesthetic of this watch face.

A single tap on this watch face would open the Breathe app for you. It is designed for those who enjoy taking brief breaks between work to keep the mind calm and stress at bay.

Fire and Water/Liquid metal

Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

This Apple Watch face displays stunning animations of blazing fire and rippling water and liquid metal. The colors, especially the bright orange and calm blue of the fire and water respectively create an eye-catching display. You can choose between the elements – fire, water, or liquid metal for your watch face.

This collection of watch faces features up to three complications and a choice of dial shapes, including round and full-screen.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

As the self-explanatory name suggests, this feature allows you to use the beautiful photos you shoot on your iPhone as watch faces for your Apple Watch. It also lets you choose up to 24 photos as the faces and the watch will keep it on shuffle to show you a fresh picture every time you tap the screen awake.

You can add complications or omit them for a clean view. You can also customize the time position with this watch face.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

This watch face is for the artist in you. It displays abstract and minimal face art created by artist Geoff McFetridge. The time is positioned as the eyes of the face giving the design a quirky aesthetic. You can customize the Face displayed by tapping the screen.

A downside of this watch face is it does not allow complications. 


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

We can all agree that memojis are super fun and cool. The Memoji Watch face is perfect to show off the memoji avatar you created on your iPhone. Every time you tap the screen awake, you will get treated to a fun little animation which is pretty amazing.

You can customize the character as well as the backlight color. You can also add complications of your choice at the bottom of the screen.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

Although it is less concerned about aesthetics, the Siri Watch face is one the most functional among all the Apple Watch faces. The complications of the Siri Watch face are top-notch. As your assistant, it makes sure that all the tasks of the day are accomplished, keeps you informed via notifications, reminds you to take breaks between tasks, and much more.

If you are someone who cannot survive one day of work without your smart assistant, Siri, then this is the watch face for you. 


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

Another complication-rich watch face that brings everything you can think of right on your watch face is the Infograph. It supports eight complications that include weather with current, maximum, and minimum temperatures, and shortcuts to apps like Activity, Music, and much more. You can customize all the shortcuts to your liking.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

The Motion watch face features three collections (butterfly, flower, jellyfish) of watch faces that are visually pleasing and have soothing animations. Each collection offers various animated images. If you choose the flower collection, the watch will display the animations of nine blooming flowers as a carousel. Every time the screen is awoken you will see a different face. 

The Motion Watch faces providing support upto three complications.


Best Apple Watch Faces to Flaunt in 2023

California is one of the best formal Apple Face watches that also gives you the finest looking Always-on-Displays of any Apple Watch face. It gives a variety of options for the dial markers. It even includes customizing the numerals in the Devanagari script.

If the Apple Watch faces are available in Apple’s Watch face library, we totally understand. It is impossible to have too many watch faces. So, here’s some great news for you. It is now possible to use third-party apps that will let you download and use gorgeous watch faces for your Apple Watch. Some of the apps even allow you to build your own watch face from scratch.

Here’s a list of third-party apps for Apple Watch faces that you can check out :

For the Apple Watch users, how the watch face looks is of utmost importance. It has to resonate with their style and personality. With changeable straps to myriad options for watch faces, you get to customize your watch to match your aesthetics. But it is not solely about the looks, the watch face should be functional as well. The analog days are behind us. The role of a watch has evolved far beyond simply telling time. Therefore, the above list might guide you towards choosing the watch face that is most in harmony with your aesthetic style and functional requirements. 

How to customize Apple Watch Faces?

To customize with the latest watch face, it is advisable to have watchOS 8 or higher. In order to check the latest OS, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on General > Software Update. If the software is updated, one can start with the steps to download the selected Watch Face.

How to change or switch watch faces?

It is very simple. All you have to do is swipe right or left in the existing catalog of all the watch faces you’ve added earlier. You have the option to select the best watch faces depending on the occasion or time.

How to add watch faces?

Apple Watch faces can be customized – added, or edited from the Watch app on your iPhone or from the Apple Watch directly.

When using iPhone – Head to the Watch app on iPhone. Tap on the Face Gallery icon. Select the watch face you want to install. Tap on Add Button. Once completed, tap on the My Watch icon displayed at the bottom of the screen. To check whether the new face is added, swipe down to the end of the list of watch faces.

When using the Apple Watch – Long press the watch screen and access the face gallery. Scroll or tap on the + icon to visit the library. Select a face and add to your favorites automatically. Alternatively, head to the Apple Watch companion app for teh complete set of Face Gallery and add to the watch manually.


1. What is the most popular Apple Watch face?

Some of the most popular Apple Watch faces are California, Infograph, Activity, and Siri.  

2. How do I get more watch faces on my Apple Watch?

You can install new watch faces from the Face gallery from the Watch app. From the plethora of watch faces, select the ones you would like and tap “add”. The new face will be added to your Apple Watch

3. Are there third-party Apple Watch faces?

Apple maintains a pretty strict hold over its flagship devices. It does not allow you to use third-party watch face apps. But some apps have figured out a way to work around Apple’s fence. It is now possible to use apps such as Watch Faces by Facer, StepDog, Clockology Watch Faces to customize and build your own watch face. Most of these apps offer some free options with paid add-ons.

4. What are the popular choices for Best Apple Watch Faces?

– Informational: Infograph
– Health-oriented: Infograph (customized)
– Most Minimal: Breathe
– For Young Generation: Fire/Water, Liquid Meta
– Best Always on Display: California
– Formal Display: California

With Watch Series 8 six months away, we can work on the best Apple Watch faces on the one we are wearing. Share with us in the comments box below, the watch face you liked the best. If you have more ideas to share, please drop a note.

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