Apple Watch Series Facing Criticism Over Display Backlight Bleed


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Apple’s latest Series 6 smartwatch released in September of 2020 might come under close scrutiny. Of late a couple of posts on popular Apple forums like MacRumors and r/AppleWatch have questioned the build quality of the Apple Watch Series. Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist. The relation between the two former and latter participants shall be made clear. If that has got your attention, keep reading.

Recently, a Reddit user u/Moist-Secretary-2816 claimed that the iWatch Series 3 has light bleeding from the edges while making use of the flashlight. Given the rather tight-fitting construction of the Apple Watch, it raises the question of whether the internal structure has been compromised.

Similar questions have been raised on MacRumors forums as well. Most of the participating comments were hinting at a possible paranoia on the owner’s behalf. The opinion went in favor of the Watch’s AMOLED screen which doesn’t have light leakage as the conventional LCD display does. Most users went so far as to claim that it was only light being reflected off the bezel.

Apple Watch Series Facing Criticism Over Display Backlight Bleed

However, other posts on Reddit do indicate the presence of light leakage in the much more recent iWatch Series 4 and iWatch Series 5 as well. Apple’s discussion community has had its own share of queries regarding the Series 4 watches. And to add more fuel to the fire, the post gained plenty of traction with over 200 comments.

Apple Watch Series Facing Criticism Over Display Backlight Bleed

Some of the immediate and top-rated comments suggest the possibility of degradation in screen quality. Several displays are often felt to be cheap. Even after going through the hassle of the replacement procedure, the problems persisted on the “new” devices. Another comment claims that his post was deleted shortly after he posted the distinction (or the lack of it) between the old and replaced models.

How to verify the display Backlight Bleed issue?

Check if your screen has any backlight bleed by using a darker display in a dark room (as seen above). Afterwards, try to see if the light is being emitted from the corners of the device. Since several testimonies agree with the light bleed of the display, it may not be much of a surprise if your Watch has it too. If you do have such a problem apple for Apple’s replacement programme. Although there is no telling whether that venture would succeed or not.

Possible workaround for Display Backlight Bleed Issue

If you do seem to have similar problems it would be wise to have them checked at the local Apple retailer. However, keep an eye out for any unnecessary repair jobs which might cost more than what’s required. The feud over “The Right to Repair” is at an all-time high as well, especially given Apple’s overpriced repair charges with lacklustre service.

Since the MacRumors user posted a comment mentioning the similarity of the issue in the Apple Series 5 watch as well, it’s worth waiting to see how the Apple Series 6 watch might be fair. Given the much recent release, Apple might try to keep the production quality as high as possible. However, if patience is your forte do consider waiting a little while longer till Apple releases their Apple Watch 7. There’s no telling how the tables will turn.

Having the device checked at the Apple Store is still your best bet though. So go on ahead and let us know in the comments below as to how the encounter fared for you. If you’d like to see more similar content, check some of our other articles here.

Update: Apple Watch Fails to Communicate with iPhone 13

Apple Watch S6 now faces an issue when trying to maintain a link with the iPhone 13. Trying to enable the unlock feature of the Apple Watch on the phone often results in an error popup. Mostly akin to the image down below.

Apple Watch Series Facing Criticism Over Display Backlight Bleed
Credit: u/lgladdy

Several attempts were made by users, either by resetting their phone and Watch passwords or by erasing all the files through a factory reset. One user speculates that the iPhone 13 fails to generate its unlock key/pattern hence resulting in the failure of the required task.

The Reddit forum post despite being only a day old has acquired plenty of traction on the aforementioned matter. According to reports from a Tech Support host from Apple, the issue may be resolved in the iOS 15.0.1 update. Moreover, the issue was often found when users made the switch to the newest iPhone.

However, Apple has promptly responded to many complaints by stating that a future update would be released to resolve the said problem.

Apple Watch Series Facing Criticism Over Display Backlight Bleed
Credit: u/cwp3004

It remains to be seen if the problem may be resolved entirely. Until then wait for the promised update.

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