Are skinwalkers real? TikTok terrified over ‘skinwalker in Paris’ sightings ahead of Halloween


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The Skinwalker legend has made a chilling comeback on TikTok just in time for Halloween, sparking fear and intrigue among users. This mythical creature, deeply rooted in Native American folklore and infamous for its shapeshifting abilities, has become a focal point of discussions on the platform.

TikTok’s ever-evolving landscape offers the perfect stage for trending topics, whether they’re humorous, bizarre, or spooky. The resurgence of the Skinwalker legend aligns with the eerie spirit of Halloween, captivating the TikTok community and fueling spooky narratives.

TikTok users have been sharing alleged sightings of Skinwalkers in various locations, including recent claims of appearances in Paris during September. These tales contribute to the mystique surrounding the mythological creature and add to the overall spooky ambiance of the season.

In parallel, the discussions about Skinwalkers intertwine with debates on extraterrestrials and UFO sightings worldwide. While aliens are commonly associated with outer space, the Skinwalker legend taps into primal fears, making it a particularly terrifying concept for many.

As Halloween draws near, TikTok becomes a hub of chilling tales and discussions about cryptids and legendary creatures. It’s a time when people embrace the thrill of the unknown ‘skinwalker in Paris’ creepiness, sharing their fascination with the supernatural and building the suspense for the spookiest time of the year.

What is the ‘skinwalker in Paris’ trend on TikTok?

TikTok is currently abuzz with curiosity and intrigue as users share videos claiming that skinwalkers, creatures from Native American folklore, have somehow infiltrated Paris. These videos, unlike the ones featuring skinwalkers purportedly caught on camera in an Ohio school, lack a clear depiction of the alleged creatures, leaving viewers both fascinated and apprehensive.

The TikTok trend surrounding “skinwalkers in Paris” predominantly showcases people fleeing from an unseen pursuer, building an atmosphere of suspense and fear. The captions accompanying these videos assert that these encounters took place in Paris during the month of September, with each report dated at a different time within the month.

Despite the attention these videos have garnered, mainstream news outlets have not reported any such sightings, and there exists a dearth of substantial evidence to support the claims of skinwalkers being present in Paris. Many TikTok users perceive these videos as attempts to gain attention, leading to skepticism and uncertainty within the TikTok community.

Some users outright reject the baseless claims of witches or skinwalkers wandering the streets of Paris, while others are genuinely intrigued about the possibility of such an extraordinary occurrence. Questions regarding the credibility and origin of this legend in Paris arise, with some users expressing disbelief and confusion about the concept of skinwalkers manifesting in a foreign setting.

What is a Skinwalker on TikTok?

The resurgence of the Skinwalker trend on TikTok is notable, with the hashtag now boasting over 600 million views as of the current moment. This legendary figure, rooted in Native American folklore, is said to be a witch capable of inhabiting the bodies of animals, using them for nefarious purposes to ensnare unsuspecting humans in their perilous demise.

While the trend initially emerged in 2020, it remained somewhat obscure. However, it has been resurrected by users in the lead-up to Halloween, with some claiming to have spotted this terrifying being in the wild.

Whether one believes in the veracity of the legend or not, it appears that people are eager to embrace the spooky atmosphere of Halloween, especially in locations like Arizona, Texas, and Utah, where the Skinwalker legend has a particular presence. If you’re in these areas, it might be wise to carry a torch this Halloween to navigate the eerie tales and legends that are sure to be circulating.

Are Skinwalkers for real?

The knowledge and popularization of Skinwalkers outside of Native American communities can be credited to Hollywood movies and media’s exploration of folklore and legends. These portrayals have helped bring ancient tales like that of the Skinwalkers to a broader audience, sparking intrigue in the mysterious and often chilling world of these mythical beings.

The story of the Utah family’s encounters with the creature, which gained significant attention upon its publication by The Deseret News in 1996, played a crucial role in introducing the concept of Skinwalkers to a wider audience. The article chronicled the family’s experiences involving cattle mutilations, unexplained disappearances, and other eerie incidents, hinting at a potential connection to the legend of the Skinwalker.

In Navajo folklore, Skinwalkers are described as shapeshifting witches, primarily male with some female counterparts, possessing the ability to transform into swift-moving animals like wolves. They are associated with dark magic and forbidden rituals, often engaging in malevolent actions under the cover of night.

The question of whether Skinwalkers are real has intrigued many due to the lack of tangible evidence and scientific findings supporting their existence. Belief in Skinwalkers is deeply intertwined with Native American heritage and tradition, making it a matter of cultural and spiritual significance. Ultimately, the existence of Skinwalkers remains a matter of personal belief, shaped by cultural perspectives and the absence of scientifically substantiated proof.

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