Apple’s Spring Event 2022 might finally unveil the all-new iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, iMac and a Mac mini


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There is probably no one out there who is not excited about Apple’s Spring Event 2022. The 3-trillion dollar tech company is known to host multiple launch events every year focusing on the release of a handful of new products and gadgets. However, unending rumors have surfaced regarding the targeted date for Apple’s first product launch event, being called Apple’s Spring Event 2022 in the last few hours.

According to the ongoing chit-chat, Apple’s Spring Event 2022 will most probably happen on or near March 8, 2022. This has been confirmed by numerous other tech platforms like Bloomberg and RepublicWorld. Stay tuned to the end of the article if you want to know when Apple’s Spring 2022 is happening.

Apple has yet to confirm anything regarding the Spring Event. However, this rumor turning true will definitely please millions of customers. There is huge anticipation set towards the release of the next line-up of devices, at least 5 of them. It is speculated that Apple will unveil iPhone SE 3 with 5G, iPad Air 5, high-end Mac mini and a redesigned 27-inch iMac at the event. These products have been actively regarded by tech experts as the supposed products which can kick off a record-setting year for Apple.

Immense curiosity has built up and people are really excited to know what to expect from Apple’s Spring Event 2022. Let’s take a glimpse at the upcoming devices from Apple launching in 2022.

When is Apple’s Spring Event 2022?

According to the details that have surfaced ever since the post on Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, an Apple insider highlights the release of not only a brand new iPhone SE 3 but also a newer version of the iPad Air. Ongoing rumors indicate that Apple’s Spring Event 2022 will happen virtually on March 8, 2022. This is definitely big because there are barely 30 days till the March event.

People are also excited to see the release of new Apple Watches, iPads and Macs in Apple’s Spring Event 2022. In this regard, there are chances of the company’s long-awaited mixed augmented and virtual reality headset getting launched this year.

It is highly possible for the next Apple event to take place in March. Apple typically hosts around three to four product launch events like this every year. Judging by how the events held once in summer and twice around the months of September-October remains consistent, the prediction of Apple’s Spring Event 2022 taking place on March 8 is highly plausible.

Apple’s Spring Event 2022 New Products Announcement

The year 2021 was full of software and hardware upgrades for Apple mainly. But this year, Apple’s line-up includes some really good devices that we are looking forward to launch.

iPhone SE 3

The revamped edition of the original iPhone SE was confirmed by Apple in the spring of 2020. Apple has not confirmed any specifications for the new iPhone SE 3 yet but many are expecting the phone to feature an LCD display, 5G support and Face ID along with a retro design. The upcoming new iPhone SE 3 2022 version will include a faster A-series chip as well as an improved camera.

We might also see the launch of the new version of iOS 15.4 might get included in Apple’s Spring Event 2022.

Updated iMac, MacBook Air and Mac Pro

In addition to iPhone SE 3 launch, Bloomberg’s Gurman in his Power On newsletter has reiterated that Apple will be debuting at least one new Mac soon. Though it’s fuzzy whether the new Mac will be unveiled at Apple’s event. The leaks on the new Mac say that it will be a high-end Mac mini powered by the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

The Mac pipeline has a roadmap for at least 4 new ones powered by M2 chips. These include new MacBook Air, entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, 24-inch iMac, and entry-level Mac mini models. It’s speculated that all these 4 models of Macs will launch after Apple announces its last Mac with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

New iPad Pro and entry-level budget iPad

The iPad Pro might be receiving a new design along with additional wireless charging support. According to Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple could also be working on upgrading the iPad Air and a new entry-level iPad in 2022. The iPad Air might make its debut on March 8th in Apple’s Spring Event 2022.


Apart from these mainstream Apple gadgets, there is great hype regarding the upcoming Apple Watch 8 and the AirPods Pro 2. This product launch event is particularly significant as it will set the motion for Apple’s sales this year. If the rumors turn true and the company does the unexpected, Apple’s Spring Event 2022 might be the biggest game-changer of the tech industry.

Are you excited about Apple’s Spring Event 2022? We are currently waiting for the tech giant to make any official announcement regarding the same. Make sure to check back to see the updates of the event!

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