Car insurance add-ons: Are they worth the cost?


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In the event of accidents, damages or liabilities on the road, car insurance offers financial support and peace of mind to vehicle owners. Add-on covers offer drivers the opportunity to customise their protection and enhance their level of security with standard car insurance policies. Let’s dive deep into the world of car insurance add-on covers, exploring their benefits, common types, and considerations for maximising coverage.

Understanding car insurance add-on covers

Car insurance add-on covers are additional coverage options that drivers can include in their insurance policies for enhanced protection. These add-on covers offer specialised coverage beyond the standard features of a basic insurance policy, allowing drivers to customise their coverage to meet their specific needs and preferences. They provide valuable benefits in various situations on the road and come at an additional cost.

Benefits of car insurance add-on cover

  • Car insurance add-on cover provides an extra layer of protection to drivers along with their standard car insurance.
  • By incorporating add-on cover into your insurance policy, you can enjoy additional coverage from protecting your vehicle’s accessories to safeguarding against unforeseen events.
  • Add-on cover offers peace of mind by addressing specific concerns or risks that may not be fully covered by a standard insurance policy. Whether it’s protecting against depreciation, ensuring roadside assistance, etc. add-on cover provides reassurance and security on the road.

Types of car insurance add-on covers

  • Depreciation cover: Depreciation cover, ensures that you receive the full value of repairs of individual parts without deductions for depreciation. This add-on does not apply in the event of total loss
  • Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance add-on cover assists in the event of breakdowns, flat tires, fuel shortages, or other emergencies on the road.
  • Engine protect: Engine protect add-on covers damages to your vehicle’s engine and its internal components due to water ingress, lubricant leakage, or other mechanical failures. This add-on is especially valuable for vehicles operating in flood-prone areas or facing risks of engine damage.
  • Consumables cover: Consumables cover add-on saves you from having to pay out of your pocket for consumables. It compensates for consumable items like lubricants, engine oil, brake oil, power steering oil, AC gas, nuts, bolts, grease, etc.
  • Return to invoice: The return to invoice add-on ensures that the policyholder will receive the original invoice price of their car if it is stolen or deemed a total loss in an accident.

Considerations for maximising coverage with add-on cover

  • Before selecting add-ons for your car insurance, assess your specific needs, driving habits, and priorities.
  • Consider factors such as your vehicle’s age, usage patterns, and geographical location to determine which add-on cover offers the most value for your situation.
  • Pay attention to the coverage limits, terms, and conditions associated with each add-on cover to ensure that they meet your requirements and expectations.
  • Review the policy documentation carefully and seek clarification if needed.


Car insurance add-on cover offers drivers the opportunity to enhance their level of protection and address specific risks or concerns on the road. From depreciation cover to engine protect and roadside assistance, add-ons provide valuable benefits for drivers facing various challenges on their journeys.

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