Comparing Sony Mobile Xperia 5 V versus Redmi Note 13 Pro camera performance


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Xiaomi has unveiled the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, a midrange smartphone with a standout 200 MP main camera. In a recent review, the device earned acclaim for its vibrant AMOLED display, powerful main camera, and prolonged battery life. However, concerns were raised about noticeable PWM flickering and the lack of wireless charging.

Upon detailed analysis by DxOMark, the 200 MP main camera, equipped with a 1/1.4-inch Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor, demonstrated notable strengths in capturing both photos and videos with exceptional detail. Despite surpassing its predecessor, the Redmi Note 12 Pro+, in low digital zoom capabilities, deductions in the zoom rating were noted due to the absence of a telephoto camera. The 8 MP f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle camera was deemed average for smartphones in its price range.

However, the small pixels on the main camera led to increased image noise in low-light conditions, despite implementing 16-to-1 pixel binning. White balance accuracy issues resulted in color cast in photos and videos, with occasional inaccuracies in displaying skin tones.

Comparing Sony Mobile Xperia 5 V versus Redmi Note 13 Pro camera performance

Additional weaknesses identified included visible artifacts in the bokeh effect, unreliable video autofocus, and a misalignment between the preview image in the camera app and the final photo.

Despite these limitations, the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G received an overall impressive score of 121 points from DxOMark, positioning it in 75th place on their best list, just behind the Google Pixel 6a and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. While a score of 121 points is notably high for a mid-range model, it falls short when compared to high-end counterparts.

Comparing Sony Mobile Xperia 5 V versus Redmi Note 13 Pro camera performance

However, what piques interest is that the Redmi Note 13 Pro’s camera evaluation score matches that of the Galaxy S22, a flagship from two generations ago, and even surpasses Sony’s latest flagship, the Xperia 5 V.

A detailed breakdown of the comparison underscores the Redmi Note 13 Pro’s camera excellence, particularly in zoom shooting, leading to a significantly higher rating compared to the Xperia 5 V.

Comparing Sony Mobile Xperia 5 V versus Redmi Note 13 Pro camera performance

Despite its categorization as a mid-range model, the Redmi Note 13 Pro boasts luxurious specifications, nearly aligning with high-end devices, with the primary distinction being the chipset. A surprising revelation for Xperia users is that, despite its remarkable features, the Redmi Note 13 Pro is priced at less than half the cost of the Xperia 5 V, emphasizing a substantial contrast in value! Do let us know your thoughts about this!

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